Mickey’s Ten Commandments

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Mickey’s Ten Commandments

Using boxed hair colour from the drugstore. Cutting our own bangs. Over using the flat iron or blow dryer. We’ve all committed hair sins before, but it’s not too late to repent and save our strands from a hair hell! Mickey Svircevic (who we consider to be a hair god) is here to set us straight with his  non-negotiable rules for heavenly hair.

1. Thou shall only use the services of a qualified hairstylist for any cuts, colours, highlights or the like.

2. Thou shall not use a regular brush on wet hair. Instead opt for a wide tooth comb or flexible paddle (flat) brush to prevent breakage.

3. For dry or brittle hair, thou shall use regular treatments or leave-in conditioners.

4. For curly hair, thou shall use appropriate products or limit mousses and gels to a 50/50 mix with conditioner for a softer, smoother curl.

5. For ethnic hair, thou shall limit the use of peroxide and chemical treatments as the delicate nature of your hair requires a more natural approach.

6. For men, thou shall not use gel if your hair is longer than 2 inches at it’s longest point.

7. For men with thinning hair, thou shall not attempt to grow it in order to cover it.  Thou shall use products containing tea tree oil.  This promotes blood circulation on the scalp, which in turn promotes hair growth.  If still unsuccessful, shave it all off.  (You’ll be glad you did).

8. When straightening hair, thou shall blow dry the ends with the dryer facing down at all times. This makes for a more sleek finish. Also, limit the temperature of the flat irons to 180 degrees maximum to avoid damaging it.

9. Thou shall get regular trims every 4-6 weeks, unless you are trying to grow your hair. With the proper haircut, those of you attempting to grow it can go as long as 12 weeks, maximum.

10. For oily hair, thou shall use appropriate washing and styling products, and if you have been unsuccessful after this, use a 50/50 mix of shampoo with dish washing liquid to remove excess oil.

BONUS TIP: For static control during the winter months, use just a quarter- sized amount of conditioner, (for shoulder length hair). Spread the conditioner on both palms and fingers, and smooth into dry hair before applying any styling products or tools.


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