Meet My New Hair Husband

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Meet My New Hair Husband

I used to be a hair slut. In my twenties I bounced from chair to chair every weekend all around the city – downtown, uptown, midtown and down to the depths of my parents’ cold basement (my mom is a hair stylist, who fancies herself as a celebrity stylist. That celeb being my dad). I had an addiction to weekly blow dries and changing my hair colour and style every season. I’ve had the Rachel cut, the bob, the lob, long bangs, baby bangs, and even an emo mullet, which I wore for only a week before venturing into the ghetto to get weft extensions. Yup I even wore a weave at one point. What can I say, I was a hardcore hair junkie.

Ah but like all junkies, I was never truly happy. I wanted what Jennifer Aniston had; Chris McMillan was her lifelong hair mate. Look at the pic to the left. They even do normal things together like attend weddings of other hairstylists. Doesn’t Chris look protective of his muse; perhaps screaming at some paparazzo who insulted Jen on her bad film roles? I wanted a hair husband too!

With the help of  the Bachelorette and the Bachelor (stay with me here) I’ve come to see my faults. If that reality show has taught us anything meaningful, it is probably this: When you’re given too much choice, you’ll never commit. Surrounding yourself with too many options only amounts to a lifetime of never being satisfied because you’re always looking for something better. Ain’t that the truth? I decided to dig deep into my hairy past and look for that gem of a stylist who I may have overlooked in my wild mane days.

Luckily my best friend, L, helped me find him. Advised L, “You really should give Mickey another try. I’ve been seeing him for years and he’s done so much editorial stuff and hair shows since you saw him last. The man is a hair god.”

“Every body says that about their stylist,” I replied.

L got angry with me (I felt like she was giving me an intervention) and said (loudly), “Look at my hair, woman! How many compliments do I get on it every time we go out.” It was true. L has the most amazing hair. It’s long, thick, shiny, healthy, and whenever she sees Mickey for her cuts, it looks even better. Strangers actually stop her on the street to tell her that she looks like a Pantene spokesperson. I actually have seen her stylist before but only once for a blow dry, like about ten years ago. I decided it was prime time to listen to my dear friend and revisit Mickey…

Mickey Svircevic, the artistic director at Mane Society in Thornhill and I actually go way back. I used to work with him at a salon; He was the superstar stylist from Australia with the larger-than-life personality, and I was the shy receptionist struggling to keep his bookings in order. It was nuts. He was always so booked solid that some of his clients even bribed me with coffee and chump change to get squeezed in. I never really appreciated the man’s talent until he left the salon, and for years afterwards I would hear about his accolades through the grape vine and read about them in hair magazines.

When I went to went to see him last week, it was like a high school reunion: he wore the same black bandana and cowboy hat and when he saw me come through the doors, he shouted, in his aussie accent “Straight Away!” Suddenly I felt at home. It was just like old times. First of all, he forgave me for being so wishy-washy all these years, and then we proceeded to kick it back like old pals, sharing old stories of favorite clients and former colleagues. All the while he listened to my hair woes: “I hate my fine hair; Nothing I do gives it lasting volume! And when I ask for loose waves at the salon, I end up looking like I’m ready for prom night. Sometimes I just want to shave my head…blah blah blah.” 

Mickey listened to me complain without tuning out or rolling his eyes. He never got preachy with me either, which a lot of celeb stylists do. In just 20 minutes, he gave me the most amazing ombre, which is that two-toned, grown-out celeb colour trend (seen on Rachel Bilson on right). He gave me a caramel brown, without using any bleach, that peeked through my hair. It seemed to brighten up my complexion without washing me out. So in terms of colour, he got an A+ … now it was time for the set.

I couldn’t believe what Mickey did to my hair. For years I was used to going to salons for blow dries the day before an event so that I could sleep on my newly curled hair in order for it to flatten out and look natural looking. Nobody has ever been able to give me that slept-on natural waves look – until now. Mickey did it in just 10 minutes using a large curling iron and his magic touch. None of that crunchy, tight nonsense that makes you look like a tacky bride.

I left looking and feeling like a million bucks. When I got in my car, I snapped this photo and texted it to L with the words You’re right, he is a hair god!

The best part was that none of my coworkers or friends said “OMG you changed your hair!” The response was more like, “You look refreshed. Did you do something different?” Ain’t that the response we all want when it comes to our hair (and face!)? After all, we’re not twenty anymore so its not about shock value, but rather achieving that subtle sexiness, right?

Mickey can do that for you. Because I am so confient in him that you’ll fall in love with him too, I’m sharing him with you, dear readers! Why? Because every body needs a hair husband who will treat you like a queen but not beat around the bush either. With that, say hello to Mickey Svircevic – our new contributing hair expert! To give you a taste of his dynamic personalty and talent, here’s a helpful hair tutorial from his online show.

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