Expert Q&A

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Expert Q&A

Q: Are women’s skincare products are different than men’s?

A: Not really. According to cosmetic scientist Jenny Frankel, cosmetic ingredients in both hair and skin care products are common between men, women and children.  “It’s the type, concentration, delivery, fragrance and application that will vary to appeal to the attended consumer,” she says.  “Men’s products are formulated slightly differently to address men’s skin needs and preferences,” Frankel continues, noting that male skin is typically thicker and oilier than female skin, and as a result of hormone levels, men often require products targeting acne, hair-thinning and deodorizing. Bottom line: Men and women can share products as long as they share skin type and concern.  Everything else boils down to personal preference.  While most men prefer lightweight formulas that can be applied by hand, there is no reason that the same tube of acne treatment or anti-wrinkle serum can’t be passed from her hand to his.

Reported by Jessica Wortsman

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