The Medical Pedicure

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The Medical Pedicure

I was invited last week to get my feet pampered and prodded with The Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure, a cult sensation in Europe. That’s my foot above in the hands of Ellis Holevas, a medical aesthetician and trainer at Sigmacon Skin Sciences, the Canadian company that is bringing the podiatrist-developed pedi to select medi-spas across the country by the Spring (locations have not been confirmed yet).

In a time when wearing four inch heels to the office is normal (guilty as charged), the “medical pedicure” couldn’t come at a better time. This ain’t no garden variety pedi you get from the corner nail place (you know, the ones with the vibrating Lazy Boys where the cleanliness of the tools makes you feel uneasy). Originated in London, UK, this treatment was created by a podiatrist and marries the familiar indulgence and luxury from a spa pedicure with the clinical expertise you can only get from a foot specialist.

Before you dive into my video below, I must warn you that what you’re about to see isn’t pretty. I have very ugly feet. I know what you’re thinking: You will always be your own worst critic. But in this video, you can clearly see a mighty bunion on my right foot and spoon-shaped big toes that are humorously shorter than the rest of my toes. What you can’t clearly see are the ridges across my toenail beds and my barely-there baby toe that I’m convinced is just an accumulation of dead yellow skin cells. I’ve gotten many pedis in my life, but nobody has been able to truly help me rid of my toe woes.

Have I grossed you out yet? Good. Now you know why I’m excited about the arrival of the medical pedicure to Canada. Sit back and watch my Vlog interview interview with Ellis.

The cost of a medical pedicure will range from $55 to $100 +. In England, it is pricier when done with a chiropodist, a type of foot doctor.




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