Make-Up = Breakouts?

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Make-Up = Breakouts?

For some it seems like Acne and Make-up are like synonymous. People with acne tend to feel the need to wear makeup to disguise it and on the other hand, wearing makeup may cause acne. It’s this exact same issue that have people still arguing if it was the chicken or the egg that came first. So what gives?

Makeup tends to cause acne for a couple of reasons, either the person is sensitive to an ingredient in their cosmetics, or as a result of a blocked, or clogged pore.


We asked expert dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett to weigh in on this. “I can’t tell you the amount of patients I see that are using products that aren’t great for their skin, which causes  what’s known in the dermatology world as Acne Cosmetica. The most common cause of this type of acne is using products that are too rich for their skin. I tell my patients to avoid creams, oils, lotions and liquid foundations.”

A lot of make-ups are oil based, for someone prone to acne this may lead to a break out. However we are very lucky that nowadays there are plenty of make-up options. A water based foundation or mineral based powder are two great options for someone suffering from Acne Cosmetica. Just because you are breaking out, doesn’t mean you need to give up make-up by any means! For a lot of people, acne is quite distressing and being able to camouflage it is essential for their confidence.

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A great way to test and see what the right products for your skin, is to stop into a Sephora, or cosmetic section at a department store and ask a lot of questions! The beauty experts are often very happy to speak about the different products and educate you on what could work for you. They’re also very generous with giving take-home samples so you can see how your skin reacts to the products.

No matter what, make sure you are washing off your makeup each night with a gentle exfoliating cleanser (whether with micro-beads or enzyme exfoliation) to ensure that your pores can breath.

What are your favourite make-up brands for acne prone skin?

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