Makara Kids

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Makara Kids

By Jessica Wortsman

Life with kids is a blast, a literal explosion of noise and joy and dirt.  It’s also a battle, a battle of us versus them.  We want them to eat more vegetables; they only want to eat cheese.  We want them to say please and thank you; they want to rub mashed potatoes in their sister’s hair.  Once the temperature drops, we spend countless hours stuffing struggling toddlers into snowsuits.  For every hand that gets mittened there’s a boot that’s kicked off.  And then there’s summer with the hats and the sunglasses, and the sunscreen, and reapplying the sunscreen.  It’s enough to have you waving your white flag in surrender.

It’s a noble fight though.  Parents just want to protect their children and though a few extra cheese strings or a braid full of potato is really no big deal, protecting kids from the harmful effects of the sun is a much more serious concern.  According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one or more blistering sunburns in childhood or adolescence more than doubles a person’s chances of developing melanoma later in life.  This is a battle parents can’t afford to lose.

What’s a parent to do though?  Until now, sun protective clothing for children has been limited to a few basic styles in unflattering fits and boring fabrics.  Parents don’t want to buy them; kids don’t want to wear them.

photoEnter Makara Kids, a UPF 50+ children’s swimwear collection that meshes both fashion and function.  The fabrics and styles are modern and fun, ranging from infant onesies, to hooded shirts, leggings, and swim trunks for kids aged 2-6.  Each outfit offers maximum coverage from wrist to ankle, including a form-fitting hood, and all pieces can be mixed and matched for ultimate versatility.  Furthermore, the fabrics are free from harsh chemical treatments and the manufacturing is done right here in Toronto, Ontario.

Sounds great, right?  But Makara Kids needs your help to get off the ground.  This fledgling company, founded by designer Ashley Martin, is currently running a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo hoping to amass enough money to go into production for Spring/Summer 2014.  All it takes is your support.  By donating money, pre-purchasing a swimsuit or simply sharing their story, you can help make this company a reality.

Click here to support Makara Kids, share their story or find out more information.

And just think, with sun-protective clothing as stylish as this, come this summer there may be one less battle to fight.

Makara Kids


Makara kids

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