Lunch Break Botox

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Lunch Break Botox

Lunch Break Botox

Written by Kelsey McGillis

Between reality television and social media, it seems like we’re constantly bombarded with sky-high beauty standards. And it’s not only models and actors feeling the heat – people with regular 9-5 day jobs feel pressure to look younger and more flawless than ever. A recent Hamilton Spectator article covered a number of stories of working professionals and their increasingly regular cosmetic injection appointments. In many fast-paced and competitive industries, cosmetic procedures are used to “stay relevant and look ‘fresh and approachable’ at work.”

Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist at DLK in Toronto explains, “Many patients are opting for non-invasive treatments that can literally can be done over a work lunch hour without anyone knowing.”  Talk about a power lunch!

Keeping up appearances from your outfit to your skin can make all the difference in pay grade, landing new clients or simply feeling more confident in a young office.  People are relying on Neuromodulators (aka Botox or Dysport) because they’re an easy, subtle way to start and, if you don’t like it, the effects disappear.

“People are staying in the workplace longer, and society has changed,” Kellett says. “Fifty today isn’t what 50 used to be. And when the work is done well, you shouldn’t see it. If you’re 50, you should look like a good 50 — you don’t want to look 20.”

With technological and medical advances, a lunch break botox session really might be all that stands between you and increased confidence at work and at play.


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