Celebrity hair colourist: Luis Pacheco

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Celebrity hair colourist: Luis Pacheco

Take one look into Luis Pacheco’s puppy dog eyes and that arresting smile and you’ll see why downtown Toronto is smitten with the 36-year old owner of Hair on the Avenue, a boutique salon in the swish Yorkville district. Oh and let’s not forget, his ability to nail down any shade of blonde imaginable (the trickiest hue to master). His goldilocks can be seen the tresses of signature blondes Belinda Stronach and Tori Spelling. Brunette beauty, Nelly Furtado, is long-time client too. Even as a child, Luis always knew he wanted to work in hair. It was made ever so clear when he  attempted to match his own hair to George Michael’s golden highlights (circa 1990) at age 13. Today he is a Clairol spokesperson and one of the city’s most coveted stylists.

Here’s The Skiny on this coif guru.

The Basics

Your name and a sentence that defines who you are. Luis Pacheco. I’m a hair colourist, lover of art, photography and making beautiful things.

Your birthplace: The Azores, Portugal

Where you call home now: Toronto

What drives you in a positive way and in a negative way? 

I am driven by a need to succeed. I can’t really say there is anything that drives me in negative way.  I’m inspired by masters at work whether it’s an Olympian, a musician, an actor, hairstylist or colourist. Seeing people do amazing things always inspires me to do better. I think that is what powers me as a colourist and entrepreneur.

Describe a typical day for you (from bed to bed).

I wake up, have lemon water and a healthy breakfast of oatmeal or fruit and yogurt and hit the gym. I’m at the gym by 6 a.m. and at work by 8 a.m.  I see about 12 clients throughout the day and make their hair colour dreams come true, or at least try to! I wrap up at the salon by about 5 p.m. and usually make a yoga class for 6.30.  Then I head home for dinner with my husband, or we go out to dinner with friends.  I’m usually in bed early.  In my off time I try to be a tourist in my own city and take in Toronto’s culture scene by seeing art exhibits, scoping out new restaurants and catching a film or cocktails with friends.

What’s your healthy life maintenance routine for:  

i) Exercise

I make sure I get 6-8 hours’ sleep every night and go to the gym 5 days a week.

ii) Diet

I try to eat local and seasonal, which is what I love about the recent Toronto restaurant movement to clean local cuisine.  I prefer not to eat heavily processed foods but I love dessert… nothing beats a good tiramisu!

iii) Beautiful skin

Drink lots of water. I wash my face with a Kiehl’s cleanser, and I’ve been using eye creams and moisturizer since I was 16 for fear of wrinkles.

iv) Fun

I laugh a lot, try not to take life too seriously and go where the whim takes me, and I LOVE to travel, I try to get away four times a year.

A little piece of Luis’ love is tucked in a corner in his salon’s waiting room.

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