Lotion vs Gel

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Lotion vs Gel

Summer Skincare Swap: Lotion vs Gel moisturizers

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

As the seasons and weather change, often so does our skin – you’re not alone if you’ve been feeling like your skin is betraying you this summer. Specifically, people who suffer from dry and irritated skin in the winter often find themselves battling oil during the summer months. And when our skin pulls a 180 on us, it’s difficult to know what to do because our skincare products can actually worsen our summer skin woes. In other words, your rich moisturizer from those cold winter days just doesn’t cut it in the summer sun.

Our favourite skincare expert, Dr. Lisa Kellett gives you the skiny behind this phenomenon. “Heat can increase the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands,” she explains. “Because of the wind and cold temperatures in the winter, you have an increase in the trans-epidermal water loss, which makes skin appear flakier and drier.  You don’t have that in the summertime.”

What does Kellett recommend to battle this sudden oil increase? It can be as simple as a lotion swap. Reaching for a gel formula rather than an oil-rich cream can make all the difference in staying matte through the dog days of summer. Especially for those patients with acne, Kellett warns “I find one of the most common causes of breakouts is using something that is too rich for your skin”. Sometimes a sunscreen is moisturizing enough, so additional lotion isn’t even necessary.

Layering is key in the summer, not only in your clothes but also your skincare. Start light with a gel and work up to your correct moisture level to avoid an oily complexion. After all, the only thing that should be shining this month, is the sun.

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