Kylie Jenner’s lips…

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Kylie Jenner’s lips…

Kylie Jenner’s lips: The new ‘Rachel Cut’

Guest Written by Kelsey McGillis

Among the many iconic fashion and beauty trends that defined the 90’s, perhaps none were quite as prolific as ‘The Rachel Cut’. Drawing its name from Jennifer Anniston’s character on the hugely popular TV series, ‘Friends’ the hairstyle took the country by storm. In the 90’s, hairdressers saw hundreds of thousands of women coming to their salons with cut-outs from the latest fashion magazine, wanting to copy Rachel’s layered hairstyle.

While the concept of cutting out a magazine to show your hairdresser might seem outdated, women’s desires to emulate celebrity looks remain. As technology and techniques improve in the beauty scene, women are able to get closer than ever to their favourite model or actress’s look.

We sat down to catch up with DLK on Avenue’s cosmetic nurse Kati, to discuss celeb inspired cosmetic procedures. “Often our millennial patients come in with a picture from social of Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner and even Rosie Huntington, wanting to emulate their full and shapely lips.”, Kati says. “I see this as an evolution of “The Rachel” haircut trend of the 1990s but instead people don’t have to tear apart US Weekly to show us the picture.”

Kati’s certainly onto something with drawing connection between Kylie Jenner and lip injections’ popularity. The young reality TV star has over 100 million Instagram followers –  her luscious and ever growing lips certainly influencing women’s desires. Kati gives us some insight, “social Media has become a part of our life, and it’s trend-based.  So when someone of influence has something beautiful and desirable, it creates the demand.”

In terms of the actual lip injection procedure, today’s potential results are better than ever before. “Using newer techniques we can create the desired definition and shape by using multiple injectable products.  We can create all different types of lips, from a small enhancement to a full on lip augmentation,” says Kati.

Choosing a legitimate and well respected clinic is crucial as with any cosmetic procedure. A safe and respectable clinic like DLK on avenue will take professional before and after photos for you and book you for a two week follow up appointment to ensure all is well – the entire process should be painless and relatively quick, approximately 30-40 minutes.

As Kati puts it, ”On average the treatment lasts approximately 6 months, similar to that of a good haircut.  We use a fast-acting topical numbing agent, and the product contains lidocaine for added comfort making this treatment as quick and easy as the ‘The Rachel’ cut.”

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