R&B Queen: Jully Black

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Jully Black won us over in 2007 with her hit Seven Day Fool, a remake of the Etta James classic. Black, who grew up in the notorious Jane and Finch area in Toronto, released her first single back in 1998. Now she’s geared up to wow us again with that booming voice and onstage magnetism with a new album titled (8)ight. Click here to watch her perform the first single “Fugitive.” Here’s the skinY on the glamazon with the power pipes.

The Basics

Your name and a sentence that defines who you are. Jully Black, born Jullyann Inderia Gordon. I’m a girl, a lady, a woman, a queen, I’m everything I can dream!

Your birthplace/where you call home now. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and still call this place home.

What drives you in a positive way and in a negative way? The idea of changing lives for the better drives me positively. My life’s “tires” won’t begin to roll on a negative road.

Describe a typical day for you (from bed to bed).Wake Up: Thank God, say a prayer, read devotion, call mom/business partner/cousin to say good morning; post inspiration message on Twitter and Facebook.

Bathroom Stop: Wash Face, brush teeth, shower

Kitchen: Drink two 500 ML bottles of water, take vitamins, make my special shake, speak to my music producer in Atlanta.

Email Check #1: Run Jully Black Entertainment for a couple hours.

Midday: 60-minute yoga or circuit training session

Eat: Healthy lunch plus drink green tea

Email Check #2: Social media check

2 P.M.: Afternoon conference call with management

3-4 is: Creative time! Practice guitar, listen to new music.

End of workday: Follow up with Kim David, VP of Jully Black Entertainment Inc. Then prepare for second workout at Moksha Yoga in Markham.

Dinner: Homemade!

Bedtime: I try to aim for 9 P.M. but bedtime can be as late as 4 A.M. sometimes. I’ll usually be busying returning fan mail, tweeting people on my wish list, and researching before I hit the hay. (NOTE: This is when I am in between touring.)

What’s your healthy life maintenance routine for:

i)    Exercise

Hot Yoga, Circuit Training, Cardio and now I’m training to be a spin Instructor at Quad East Toronto!

ii)   Eating

I’m a Vegetarian plus I eat extremely healthy Mon-Friday with the weekend having a bit more flexibility for my FAVOURITE Popcorn “Popcorn Indiana”

iii)   Beautiful skin

Sleep, water, Omega-3s, vitamin E, and exercise. I credit my healthy lifestyle habits from my 76 year old mother. She doesn’t eat fast food, gets 8-9 hours sleep, and walks everywhere. She uses old school Palmer’s products. She’s my SHEro!

iv) Fun

Perform (my favorite thing to do!), sleep overs, travel, cook, hang with my family, and play with my dogs. That’s my pup Coco Chanel!

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