Jet set skincare

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Jet set skincare

Jet set skincare: Home for the holidays

Written by Kelsey McGillis

With Canadian thanksgiving just behind us, as well as Christmas and American Thanksgiving looming on the horizon, it’s certainly a very travel-packed time of year. As exciting and heartwarming as all those trips home might be, the travel can do a real number on our skin. Long flights, train rides or drives tend to mess with our usual routine and skincare regimen.   Resident skincare expert Dr. Lisa Kellett blames “Less sleep, new environmental factors such as a change in temperature or humidity and most importantly not being able to bring your medicine cabinet” for this.

Read on for some of her tips on handling your skincare woes on the go.

Airplane dryness: Because of the lack of moisture on airplanes, as well as the often harsh heating and cooling systems, many often face flakiness or a dry and tight feeling in their skin. Dr. Kellett recommends “applying moisturizer once during the flight and if you are prone to acne use a gel based moisturizer.  Other skin types can use a lotion or cream based moisturizer.”

Breakouts: With a change in schedule and skincare routine, it’s not uncommon for breakouts to pop up while travelling. Though you might not be able to carry your usual arsenal of treatments, you can still beat those pesky pimples. Dr. Kellett suggests keeping “a travel size exfoliating gel based cleanser and a travel-sized tube of 5% benzoyl peroxide” in your luggage.

Dullness: Aside from increased dryness and blemishes, you might face just plain dullness in your skin. As an extra boost, Kellett recommends a facial peel after your vacay, to bring your skin back to its previous glory. So check in with your dermatologist, and arrange for a little post-vacay pick me up!

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