Peptide Gel Review

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Peptide Gel Review

Reviewed by Kelly Trickett

Is the new Peptide Gel a Necessity or Nicety?

I think we have all been bombarded with the benefits of using different lotions and potions in our skincare routine. Every year, there is a new “it” product that will keep us young and perfect. Most recently, serums have been showing up in every product line from the drugstore counter to your dermatologist’s office. And the list keeps growing with every new skincare discovery!

I, for one, have been overwhelmed by the number of products that I have added and taken away from my own personal regime in the constant pursuit of glowing, flawless skin. Some days I feel like I am spending half my morning (and night) on a routine to protect my skin without really knowing the science behind it.

To give you an idea, I currently start my day with the Kellett Peptide Gel followed up with their Vitamin C serum and their SPF 30 sunscreen spray. And before I go to sleep, it’s another dose of Peptide Gel with their retinol serum. Some days, I also add their gel moisturizer or Clarifying Acne Treatment to that routine depending on my skin’s mood. As you can tell, I am a Kellett Skincare addict! Dr. Kellett was recommended to me by a friend a few years ago; the  products I use are all from her line, and my skin has never been the same. I have benefitted from her guidance but I always judge the products by my skin’s reaction. If it’s not giving me great results, then I will leave it in the dust.

When her Peptide Gel first came onto the market, I will admit I thought it was just another product that I didn’t need. I didn’t understand the benefits of adding another hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer because I was already keeping my skin hydrated with a moisturizer. Why did I need both when I didn’t consider my skin to be dry? What I’ve learned since is that this magical gel works differently than your regular day or night time moisturizer, and it comes with anti-aging prowess to boot!

The Science in It

The gel base is made up of very concentrated solutions of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural sugar that loves water. HA binds water molecules together to keep your skin plump and hydrated. Most people associate HA with popular wrinkle fillers such as Juvéderm which is a synthetic version. However we all have HA naturally occurring in our skin. In fact, HA is the lubricant in our joints and the “jelly” in our eyeballs. As we age the percentage of HA in the skin decreases, which accounts for the loss of hydration and moisture in the skin.  Some experts say the decrease of hyaluronic acid starts at around the age of 20! Low levels of HA in the skin can affect the way that the skin operates and ultimately lead to wrinkling and a weaker support system (loss of elasticity and a decrease of collagen).  Most skincare companies offer some version of a HA product, often marketed with the words “moisture” or “hyrdrating” on the packaging. The form of HA in the pharmaceutical-grade Kellett Peptide Gel is Sodium hyaluronate, which is used to keep the pH of the product close to that of the skin, 5.5, and it hydrates the skin by binding water molecules to the skin surface. Conventional moisturizers work by putting a film of oil on the skin surface that prevents moisture from evaporating. This is good for severely dry skin, but attracting water to the skin surface is better for people with moderate skin dryness or those, like me, who don’t want to put anything greasy on their skin. In addition to the HA, the other active ingredients are, as the name indicates, peptides. Peptides add age-fighting benefits to the moisturizing HA gel base: they work at the molecular level by reinforcing the cell-to-cell communication of the epidermis and stimulating the production of collagen. In a nutshell, peptide gel hydrates the skin in a much deeper way than your typical moisturizer. If you like a good manicure, then peptide gel is the base coat while moisturizer is the top coat.

My Experience

When you first put the gel on your face, it feels very light and a bit sticky.  It definitely doesn’t feel as hydrating as a moisturizer at first touch. Be patient. After a few days, your skin will be as soft as a newborn, especially as this never-ending winter wreaks havoc on your face. I have found that most days I can eliminate moisturizer in my daily routine. It is also a great addition to your serums to help them better absorb into your skin.

In the past month of this new routine, I think I have found the answer, the Holy Grail, at least for my skin. What is my skin type? Well I suffer from mild adult acne, and my skin can be both oily and dry all at the same time. I find that as I get older, every imperfection leaves its mark on my face despite my promises to not touch it! I also suffer from melasma so the sun is truly my enemy. For that reason,  sunscreen is a non-negotiable. Serums combat my other obstacles by keeping my skin fresh and clear. And if your budget allows, peptide gel is the unsung hero that completes my personal trifecta. Until the next discovery…


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