Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal

It seems like everybody has at least one tattoo these days. Some are masterpiece sleeves, some treat the back as a broad canvas, some shoot down a leg or up a neck, while others are as simple as a star, word, or little animal.

No matter how simple or complicated, up to 50% of people with tattoos want them gone.

Before, removing a tattoo meant covering it up with another bigger tattoo.



I mean really….. Luckily thanks to today’s technology, covering tattoos is a thing of the past. Phew!

With laser tattoo removal you don’t have to be stuck with that “tramp stamp” or “Billy Bob” tattoo forever.

How are the results? Amazing!













While results may vary, this treatment is really impressive.   It takes several sessions and the tattoo will lighten more and more after each treatment until it’s gone.

This leaves us with one question. Is laser tattoo removal really safe?

The simple answer: Yes.

When done by a qualified and medically trained professional, tattoo removal is completely safe.  But this is a laser we are talking about, so you want to speak with a Dermatologist about this treatment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

There is a downside, go for a “cheap” or “discount” laser tattoo removal and you could be left with scars that are worse than your tattoo ever was!


Eeeek!! So always make sure you find a qualified Doctor. If you need recommendations, leave a comment below!

One of the most surprising things I learned about laser tattoo removal is how fast it is. Check out this video from DLK on Avenue where this treatment takes just 30 seconds!


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