Safe to buy?

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Safe to buy?

Q: Is it safe to buy discounted skincare at stores such as Winners? Particularly items that don’t contain a lot of active ingredients such as cleansers or facial wipes? – Catherine, Edmonton AB.

A: Definitely! Off-price retailers like Winners and Marshalls are a great place to find new beauty products to try out, without spending a lot of money. There’s usually nothing wrong with the products. Typically, beauty products found at off-price retailers are overstock, discontinued items, or else they come from a cancelled order to another retailer. With skincare products, the main concern is that the product is not contaminated or spoiled. Keeping that in mind, check that the item is new, unused, the packaging is intact and the container is still factory sealed. Also, check the ‘best before’ date and make sure you are not buying expired goods or something that is about to expire.



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Louise Hidinger


About Our Expert Louise Hidinger, Ph.D., is a cosmetic chemist and founder of the blog INGREDIENTS. She splits her time between Toronto and New York City. 

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