How to Pick a Good Hairspray

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How to Pick a Good Hairspray

I just got this great tip from Mickey on his online show In Your Hair. When looking for a good hairspray – one that will provide a nice hold without feeling too sticky  –  stay away from very inexpensive ones. Whether you’re at the drugstore or salon, test the spray out by spraying some of it onto your wrist. How it feels on your skin will be how it feels in your hair. Move your wrist around, if it can move freely and doesn’t feel overly sticky to the touch, you’ve got a winner.

Thanks Mick for the hair-raising tip!

My new favorite hairspray is the Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity ($21 at salons). It’s a quick-drying lightweight formula that provides enough hold to keep styles in place but doesn’t make my fine hair limp, even with layers of it on. It also doesn’t make my hair feel gross and dirty the next day…like some cheaper sprays do (I’m looking at you, TRESemmé). Caveat: It does smell a bit like gasoline when you spray it, but the brushable non-sticky hold is worth it.

What’s your favorite hairspray?





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