Beauty Express

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Beauty Express

Feeling frazzled about your appearance now that we’re in the early days of summer? Fret not. There’s still time to refresh your look from head-to-toe, without missing a beat at the pool. Below are some of the latest non-invasive cosmetic options that can help you look your absolute best for this fleeting season—and beyond!

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Flawless Forehead Youthful Cheeks Smaller Pores Tighter Neckline Fuzz-free Bikini Line and Legs Fewer Leg Veins Cellulite and Excess Fat Full Lips Spotless Skin Contoured Cheekbones Longer Lashes Brighter Eyes

Nobody wants to be a slave to the razor. BETTER BET? Zap off unwanted body hair permanently with laser hair removal, using the Light Sheer Duet (this ouchless machine uses suction technology to pull the skin closer the laser, so all you feel is the pull, no zap!), the Sciton (effective for darker skins), or the Lumenis One. These are ideal treatments for women with coarse, abundant hair and a history of ingrown hairs. Several sessions are needed, depending on the size of the surface area, so start now!

Self-tanner can only mask so much. BETTER BET? Sclerotherapy is a 20-minute procedure that consists of a dextrose/salt solution being injected into the vein, which irritates the vein wall and causes veins to disappear within a few weeks.

Wearing a sarong over a bikini can look chic, but rocking it for too long can make you seem bashful about the dimples on the back of your thighs. BETTER BET? Iron them out with the skin-tightening treatment, Thermage, which uses warm vibrations of radio frequency energy to produce heat in the skin, which helps tighten it and improve the look of cellulite. While not all the soft spots will disappear, your skin may look up to 20 per cent smoother for bikini season.

You can’t hide behind turtlenecks anymore. BETTER BET? Consider getting The Nefertiti lift—named after the Egyptian Queen’s enviable profile. The Nefertiti lift involves Botox injections to streamline the jawline and neck to relax the muscles so that jawline is enhanced. And Thermage is great for wattles because it tightens sagging skin. Additionally combining injectable fillers, with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Lumenis One treatments or the ProFractional laser can greatly improve the texture of aged neck skin.

Concealing large pores with heavy foundation is no way to spend your summer mornings. BETTER BET? Shrink them with a series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Lumenis One treatments. The light energy not only reduces the look of pores significantly, it can help even out skin texture, making your skin look and feel buttery smooth. Another option is a chemical peel, which helps reduce the size of pores by deeply exfoliating the uppermost layers of the skin. This improves texture and uneven skin tone.

High cheekbones with a uniform light reflecting off the surface of the skin is the most coveted look (think Jennifer Lopez). But you don’t need cheek implants to get the look. BETTER BET? Cheek augmentation using injectable fillers, such as Voluma (Juvederm) and Perlane (Restylane) can instantly restore natural contours and replace lost cheek volume. Get the coveted JLo glow with a SilkPeel facial, known as a “wet” microdermabrasion treatment as it uses a wand that simultaneously exfoliates and hydrates skin with brightening serums.

Lip liners and lipsticks are too high maintenance for summer. BETTER BET? A quick and easy way to get pillowy lips is with a lip injection treatment, but not with just any syringe. Lip enhancement that looks natural, produces less swelling, and lasts even longer than before is now possible with Juvederm Volbella, a brand new filler created specifically for the lip. Results can last up to one year!

Concealing freckles and sunspots are futile in the hot heat. BETTER BET? Zap off stubborn spots with the pigment-busting Q-Switched Ruby Laser. This powerful and quick treatment destroys melanin clusters without harming the outer layer of the skin. Diligent use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must following treatment. Wearing a large-brimmed hat will also protect your investment, and project that je ne sais quoi vibe.

Blush can help, but the summertime heat can melt it away faster than a Popsicle in the sun. BETTER BET? Consider getting a Thermage treatment, a non-surgical way to lift lax skin in the upper face and jowls using computerized radio frequency. This treatment can lead to a more contoured look. Even better, the tightening effects of just one session can last for years.

If your under eye circles are so large, they need their own zip code, masking them with concealer can get exhausting. BETTER BET? Injectable fillers (hyaluronic acid) can greatly reduce the appearance of dark circles by filling hollows and restoring loss of volume. This can allow for more light to reflect off the area more uniformly. No more shadows created.

While eyelash extensions can give you instant gratification, long-term wear may cause breakage and lead to a weak eyelashes. Plus a poor application job can leave you looking like you’ve got spiders on your eyes. BETTER BET? Invest in Latisse, the prescription-grade brush-on lash growing serum clinically shown to gradually lengthen and strengthen your own natural lashes.

Hiding those pesky 11’s in between the eyes behind a veil of bangs doesn’t jive with the carefree vibe of summer. BETTER BET? Consider Botox or Xeomin. A skilled injector can use either type of injectable to smooth out glabellar lines—in a manner that still allows for movement and expression.

Medical advisor: Dr. Lisa Kellett, cosmetic dermatologist at DLK on Avenue located in downtown Toronto.

Light treatments and laser procedures heighten your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So protect your investment by wearing SPF 30, sun protective clothing, wide-brimmed hats, and avoid the sun during peak hours (12-4 pm). Wearing sunscreen is a non-brainer, but during the summer, having extra antioxidants in your skincare products will provide a double defence against sun damage. Try layering the Kellett Vitamin C Ferulic serum underneath your sunscreen for an antioxidant boost.


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