How to Fake Bigger Eyes

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How to Fake Bigger Eyes

When you need your eyes to look brighter, bigger, and just more awake, try these 6 peepers-popping tips from makeup artist, Samantha Kaye. 

1.   Tightline your eyes. Use a dark liner, such as black, navy or grey, in the “tight line” which is located right under the upper lash line. This will create depth and definition to brighten the eye and make the lashes appear fuller.

2.  Whiten your waterline. Use a white or ivory liner in the lower lash line. This technique will neutralize the look of tired eyes by reducing any pink or redness in the waterline. My favourite white liner is Make Up For Ever’s Kohl Pencil in Matte White. It glides on easily and lasts!

3.  Play up your lashes. Use an eyelash curler before applying a darkly pigmented mascara. This is especially important if you have very straight lashes. Using an eyelash curler on lashes that have mascara on may result in breakage. My favourite mascara is Smokey Lash by Make Up For Ever which comes in both non and waterproof. It is strongly pigmented  and will add a lot of fullness, curl and hold. If you have extra time, applying single lashes to the outer corner of the eyes is always a nice finishing touch that will make eyes pop!

4.  Conceal darkness. Brighten the inner corners with a light shadow or concealor. Make sure to correct dark circles under the eye with a concealer that will neutralize and brighten the eye. For dark skin tones find a concealer with a peach or orange undertone and for lighter skin tones, look for something with an apricot or yellow undertone. This will correct the darkness under the eye, even out the complexion and brighten the eye. 

5.   Brighten with eye cream. Use a hydrating peptide-rich eye cream that has illuminating ingredients.  The delicate skin around eyes can look dehydrated without one, and fine lines can look more pronounced.  I recommend Dr. Kellett’s Intensive Radiance Eye cream to prevent and reduce the signs of aging, hydrate and brighten around the eye. How to properly use: Apply a small amount using your middle or ring finger and tap lightly around the orbital bone, avoid getting too close to the lash line.

6.  Shape your brows. Shaping and filling in the brow will frame the face and eyes creating more definition, lifting and brighten the eyes. Start by combing the brows in the same direction as the growth. Then fill them in with either Anastasia Beverly hills Dip Brow or Makeup For Ever’s Aqua Brow. Both are waterproof and glide on smoothly. Use an angle brush to apply and create a more natural look by feathering the product lightly in the sparse areas of the brow.



Samantha Kaye is a Toronto-based hair stylist and makeup artist at Salon Daniel in Yorkville. A former instructor at Canadian Beauty College, Samantha loves to preach and teach all things beauty!



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