Festive Makeup Trends

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Festive Makeup Trends

The festive season is fast approaching! With the countless holiday parties and family gatherings, there are plenty of opportunities to rock these beauty looks that are taking over the internet.

Sparkly Pout

This is one look that is perfect for New Years Eve or an upscale Cocktail party. To get the look, apply your favourite red lipstick, or gloss and light pat on some sparkles with your index finger. Outfit suggestions would be to wear something more neutral – a winter white or festive little black dress. Let your makeup take the centre stage. FYI this is not the best look if you’re planning on spending time under the mistletoe.




Candy Cane Eyeliner

This is the perfect look for someone who isn’t afraid to experiment with makeup. It’s actually easier to do than it looks. All you need is a white liquid liner, the same red glitter from above or red pigment powder, a fine tip make up brush and a steady hand!

Step 1: Apply the white liquid liner over any shadow or primer you want as your base.

Step 2: While it is still wet, apply the red glitter with a fine tip make-up brush in diagonal lines towards the outside of the eye

Step 3: I think this looks best with a line of black liner that goes along the lashes, and a set of false lashes to really complete the look and add some drama!

lime crime white liquid liner

lime crime white liquid liner


Glitter Tips

Again, this look is subtle but perfect. I prefer to make my life easy and go to the nail salon and get a regular french with a soft pink and ask for a French Mani with OPI Rose of Light. If you really want to be festive, include an accent nail of full glitter. For me, the french is enough, but more is more! If you want to be extra sparkly, extra glitter is the way to go.


Tinsel Highlights

This look is a personal favourite of mine. The best bet is to get a friend to help you out with this one, however it’s possible to do it yourself. You can buy Hair Tinsel on-line for $10-15 CAD. This is a subtle, sexy look that compliments almost any holiday outfit. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to your look, without being over the top.

You take a strand of tinsel, fold it in half to create a loop and thread a few strands of hair though it at the root. You will then do this a couple more times to tie it onto the strand of hair – click here to watch a tutorial. 

If it's good enough for Beyonce, It's good enough for us!

If it’s good enough for Beyonce, It’s good enough for us!


Holographic Lip Gloss

I saved the best for last! I have a feeling this holiday beauty trend is going to be THE party look of 2016. It is beyond chic. It’s subtle and goes with every outfit. It’s almost a throwback to Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion, or some equally fab 90’s film. I am OBSESSED and think you will be too!



What one of these looks will you try?

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