Heather McCartney

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Heather McCartney

43-year-old McCartney is passionate about practicing safe sun habits. So much so that this mother-of-two launched UV Couture, a line of fashionable sun protective clothing for women back in September. The goal? To help women protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun, while keeping them looking gorgeous at the same time. “I grew up in Sudbury [Ontario] and spent many summers out on the lake slathering on the baby oil to get the deepest tan possible! I wish I knew then what I know now about the health hazards of over-exposure to UV radiation.” Besides upping your risk for skin cancers, too much sun can lead to cataracts, and a weakened immune system, explains McCartney as she hauls out her top skincare products for our interview. Which, by the way, are mostly medical-grade. When asked why she says, “I started using the Skin Tx line after having some IPL treatments done, I was determined to get rid of all the sun spots on my face. I got fantastic results from it! Derm-based lines may be more expensive, but they work!”

McCartney is excited to take her clothing line to the next level by entering the Dragon’s Den in April, where she’ll pitch UV Couture to the cut-throat panel. We wish her the best of luck! In the meantime, get to know the woman who might just be the first Canadian to make anti-sun apparel mainstream, and actually cool.

Skin type? Fair/Dry

Your can’t-live-without skincare products? Kellett SPF 30 lotion (it smells like the beach!), Skin Tx Exfoliant/Lightener, Vichy thermal spray, and Vivier vitamin C and E serum.

Your most recent What The Yuck?! moment?  Wrinkles on my chest!

If you could trade dermatologists with any celebrity, who would it be? Jennifer Aniston has great skin tone and clarity.

Most overused word? Like.

Favorite food? Anything fresh, clean and organic.

Favorite saying? ”The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!”

Watch this video of McCartney at her Mississauga home, talking about her star product “The Chest Tee.”

Follow her on Twitter @UVcouture

***UPDATE January 2014***

Watch how Heather’s pitch went down on Dragons’ Den here. (Congrats on the deal!)



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