Dietitian: Matthew Kadey

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Matthew Kadey, MS, RD., is the most versatile and prolific nutrition writer in the magazine industry. Each month one of his culinary features graces the pages of either Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Best Health, Runner’s World, Shape, Prevention, Health, Natural Health, Muscle and Fitness and Fit Pregnancy  – just to name a few! He recently published his first cookbook The Muffin Tin Chef, based on his popular blog.

Here’s The Skiny on what whets his appetite for life…

The Basics 

Your name and a sentence that defines who you are.  Matthew Kadey, a dietitian with a chronic case of wanderlust.

Your birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

Where you call home now: Waterloo, Ontario

What drives you in a positive way and in a negative way? 

Our local farmers’ market is chockablock with passionate farmer’s and their amazing edibles, which always motivates me to keep on developing recipes using some of the healthiest food imaginable. As with many people, I let too many negative thoughts clutter my mind. I’m always working hard to turn negatives into more positives.

Describe a typical day for you (from bed to bed).

I usually start my day around 7:00am by checking email and some world news. Around 8:00am, I’ll make breakfast which is usually steel-cut oatmeal with additions like blueberries, nuts and seeds along with a hard boiled egg. I then work on writing assignments in the morning and afternoon with a ride or trip to the gym in the afternoon. I develop a lot of recipes for magazines, so dinner is often making a recipe for a publication. After dinner, I tend to do some more work and then enjoy a home-baked item before bed.

What’s your healthy life maintenance routine for: 

i) Exercise

Plenty of mountain biking in the summer. Resistance training 1-2x per week to help offset all of the cardio exercise and I think stronger muscles are very important for overall health. In the winter, my girlfriend and I will spend a few weeks cycle touring in warmer climates like Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cuba.

ii) Diet

I try to eat as many whole foods as possible. In my opinion, eating a diet made up mostly of items with one ingredient (e.g. blueberries, kale, quinoa) is the key to healthful eating.

iii) Beautiful skin

I spend a lot of time outdoors on the bike, so diligent sunscreen use is important.

iv) Fun

One word: Travel. I can’t live without at least one trip to a farflung location each year.



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