Hangover Skincare Tips

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Hangover Skincare Tips

Revive your skin after a night of partying

Written by Carlyn

So you have a skin hangover. Now what?

Listen, I completely get the urge to go out after being forced to stay home for the past two years. Aside from the sh*tty lack of social interaction, we have a lot of partying (and drinking!) to catch up on.

And how about that morning after? We definitely can’t forget about the turmoil that ensues after a wild night out. For starters, the dehydration headache and nausea make the morning pretty dark. Sadly, our favourite organ also takes the heat from a wild night out—prepare for dry skin, breakouts, and a dull complexion the next day.

But don’t worry—you’re in luck. We’ve been there. Now, we’re here to make your morning after a little less dreadful.

FYI—alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it removes water from your body and skin. Soo, not super ideal for the skin if we’re being honest. Another sign of a wild night involves swelling and puffiness, two words we never want to associate with our skin.

Hangover Skincare Tips:
This should be a given. In fact, a proactive person would ensure a 1:1 ratio of alcohol and water the night before. Aside from helping to hydrate the skin, H2O will help with that pesky headache and nausea too. So yea, drink water and then drink some more. Trust.

2. Apply ice or a cold compress because f*@k inflammation.
I don’t know about you, but my eyes become hidden under layers of puff the morning after. Our pro tip: throw 2 metal spoons into the freezer the night before. In the morning, these cold spoons will save your skin. I like to hold them under my eyes for some calming relief. Wrapping a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and applying them to the inflamed area will also do the trick. The cold compress will also help with that annoying headache!

3. Quench your skin’s thirst with a hydrating face mask.
Having alcohol in your system makes it harder for your skin to rehydrate. A hydrating face mask could just be the helping hand your skin needs. Pamper yourself with a cold and hydrating face mask to help restore the moisture your skin craves. Look out for hyaluronic acid as an ingredient, which will help your skin suck and hold the air’s moisture. HA is the best moisture magnet! Our pro tip: stash the mask in the fridge for some additional ~cool~ relief.

Since we’re all about hydration over here, we also recommend Clear Clinical’s Peptide Gel, which uses highly concentrated hyaluronic acid to suck moisture out of the air and hold it in the skin.

4. Lip balm it up.
For preventative measures, a lip balm to-go in your purse will be your saving grace. Since alcohol is dehydrating AF, your lips will need some extra love throughout the night. Our pro tip: a cylindrical lip balm tube will be most efficient and accessible while partying. No peeling lips on our watch.

5. Reach for caffeine.
Enjoy your cup a’ Joe. When all else fails to cure your hangover and bloated eyes, caffeine will come to the rescue. An eye cream enriched with caffeine can be highly effective for combatting hangover puffiness. Plus, no need to feel guilty about your $7 Starbucks coffee today!

Have you finished your water bottle yet? Keeeep chugging and happy skincaring <3

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