How To Get Pruity Hands

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How To Get Pruity Hands

A.J. Pruit, the famous hand model from Zoolander played by David Duchovny, may have taken his hand too seriously by encasing it in a hyperbaric chamber to stop it from aging. After all, his livelihood depended on it.

For the rest of us, there are less drastic measures we can take to ward off the effects of time on our hands. We asked the medical aestheticians at DLK on Avenue in Toronto for their round-the-clock tips on how to keep your hands soft and healthy looking.

Wash with tepid water. Hot water can suck out the moisture in your hands quickly so use warm water instead, and be sure to dry your hands thoroughly to lock the moisture in.

Moisturize with glycerin. Keep a tube of hand cream nearby at all times (purse, desk, car), preferably one that contains glycerin, a humectant that readily absorbs water from other sources. Perfect for locking in moisture from frequent hand washing. Also, look for the words “increases cellular turnover” on the package, which means you get a mild exfoliating effect.

Exfoliate every night. Use the same scrub you use on your face. This increases cellular turnover to help keep dead skin cells from building up on the top, which can rob your hands of that youthful glow underneath.

Gloves at night. Restore your hands while you sleep by slathering your hands with a heavy cream and then covering them with gloves. However, don’t use Vaseline because it doesn’t penetrate the skin, it only provides a greasy barrier. 

Slap on sunscreen. Make it a habit after brushing your teeth to slather on SPF 30 on the top of your hands. It will protect them from sun damage while you drive. If you’re a fan of Shellac manicures, you may want to slather on some sunscreen for extra protection before you place your hands underneath the lamps. They emit small amounts of UV light, though, it’s not an alarming amount.

Wear rubber gloves. Protect your hands from the harsh chemicals in dish washing detergents that can strip your hands dry. Or just use the dish washer.

Monthly paraffin. Offered at spas, often as an add-on service after a manicure, this hot wax treatment helps smooth and soothe cracked hands and feels amazing on a cold day.

Let your derm revitalize your hands!

Treatment options

Zap away brown spots. If you have age spots on your hands, book yourself for an IPL session at your dermatologist’s office. In just 15 minutes, this non-invasive laser treatment effectively removes stubborn or new spots.

Plump them up. If you’re hands are looking vien-y, consider booking yourself in for a Radiesse treatment. Radiesse filler is an injectable filler that works immediately to restore volume loss to smooth them out.


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