Hair help!

Posted on October 13th, by Helen in Blog, Hair & Style. 20 comments

Hair help!

stay full, damn it.

I’ve always had fine, wimpy hair. But what frustrates me even more is that if feels like it’s getting thinner with age. My pony tails are pathetic looking and I’m afraid to even brush my hair more than once a day because strands just fall right off when I run my brush through. Now I know that genetics play a big part of your hairy outcome, so when looking at my mom’s baby fine tendrils that she wills into curly submission with perms, my dad’s silly (but rather endearing) comb over, and my older brother’s receding hair line, I realize that my chance of ever being in a Pantene commercial are next to none. Who am I kidding. I’m doomed.

Or am I?

I’m reaching out to all my hair savvy pals! What are your tips and tricks for bigger better hair? Please leave your comments below.

xo, Hel

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