Go faux, tanning is so last year

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Go faux, tanning is so last year

Go faux, suntanning is so last year

Written by Carlyn

Today, we are lucky to have access to knowledge and science around the dangers of the sun. According to Toronto dermatologist Dr. Kellett, “A tan is the result of sun damage. Period. The darkening of the skin occurs because when exposed to UV radiation, the production of melanin increases in efforts to protect the skin from more damage.” Scary, I know.

Hear me out, I understand the appeal of a tan—increased confidence, chiseled features, whiter-looking teeth—however the consequences of long-term sun exposure just aren’t worth it.

BUT don’t you worry sis, I’ve done some extensive research to find the BEST faux tanning products on the market—no UV rays required, and no skin was harmed in the making of this list!

Here is a carefully curated collection of my favourite self-tanning products, which allow me to achieve the same (if not better) natural sun-kissed glow—minus the damage. Y’all know I got your backs.

For the Body:

Tan Luxe – THE GRADUAL Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion
A great daily moisturizer. It applies easily and makes your skin soft af. This is natural at its best. A very gradual tan is achieved, which reduces your chances of looking like an Oompa Loompa. You’re welcome. I also like the gradual element to this product because I can seamlessly add more the next day for a darker bronze without streaky overlap. This product is mostly used as a daily moisturizer, as it hydrates and makes the skin suuuuper soft and glowy.

Isle of Paradise – Self-Tanning Water
I like the word water—and I think it describes this self-tanning product perfectly. With a quick spritz and blend with a tanning mit, you will be glowing in 4-6 hours. If used properly, this glow looks natural and not orange-y. The formula even contains colour-correcting properties which have been shown to even skin tone. Pro tip: ensure that the skin is saturated with the mist before using the tanning mitt.

Bali Body – Self Tanning Mousse
In a rush? The Bali-Body Self-Tanning Mousse is meant for people on-the-go. Advertised to be “streak-free”, the mousse application is smooth and dries quickly. Say good-bye to stained clothing and bedsheets.

For the Face:

St. Tropez – Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist
This is self-tanning for dummies. Make sure to shake well before use. This delicate mist easily absorbs into the skin and can be applied under or over makeup. I personally enjoy using this product as a setting spray over top of my makeup, which gives me a dewy and summery glow. I also like how I can spray this and be done! No need to blend or rub it in.

Tan Luxe – THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops
I use the colour Light/Medium. Something I love about this product is how I can customize it to my liking. Before bed, I put around 3 drops into my Clear Clinical moisturizing gel and mix. On days where I want a darker colour, I’ll add 5-6 drops instead. Since my moisturizer is gel-based and light, it doesn’t clog my pores or produce a streaky tan. Don’t forget about your neck!

Drunk Elephant – D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Bronzing Drops
Another great mixer. This lightweight liquid contains a potent dose of protective antioxidants and omega fatty acids. I love the customizable element and being able to control how dark of a tan I get. I also love the littttle sparkles in these drops! Great for a makeup-free look.

My advice for any self-tanner products is to wash your hands with soap afterwards. Our hands tend to hold onto the pigment much easier than the rest of our bodies, so be sure to give them a good scrub after application!

Happy (safe) tanning!

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