Get rid of Ingrown Hair

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Get rid of Ingrown Hair

Summer is the season for showing off skin, so unless you are naturally hair free, or are cool with rockin’ it hippie style, that means shaving, waxing, or getting rid of your body hair in various different ways.

Smooth and silky is the goal, but the reality can be razor burn, irritation, and worst of all, ingrown hairs.

Those bumps can be a pain and difficult to get rid of. The best method to getting rid of ingrown hairs for good, is to prevent them all together.

You’ve probably read lots of articles with prevention tips that call for the use of gentle cleansers, exfoliating regularly, using fresh razors every time, etc., etc. But there is really only one method that will prevent ingrown hair for and that is, drum roll please… Laser hair removal.

The only permanent way to stop ingrown hairs is to get rid of the hair in the first place. No hair, means no hair gets trapped under the skin.

After a chat with the laser hair technician at DLK on Avenue during my armpit hair laser treatment, I learned that this was one of the most common reasons she starts clients with laser hair removal. After just one treatment clients will already experience less irritation, and after 4 to 6 treatments, clients can expect the problem to be permanently solved, of course with the added benefit of never having to shave again!

If laser hair removal is something you would like to consider for your ingrown hairs, make sure you book a consultation with an expert dermatologist.

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