Get a younger neck

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Get a younger neck

Forty-something-year-old Colleen from Brampton, Ontario recently wrote in asking, “Does Dr. Kellett have any suggestions about how to deal with turkey neck? It’s the only part of my body giving away my age, and short of wearing turtlenecks for the rest if my life, is there anything I can do to bring life back to my neck tissue?”

Saggy skin around the neck can make you look older than you really feel. An aging neck is caused by a decline in elastin and collagen production due to many factors that happen as we age such as hormonal changes and cumulative sun exposure. Generally you should treat the skin on your neck  as you do with your face: apply sunscreen during the day for protection, and use retinol at night for prevention and to rebuild collagen and elastic fibres, which degrade with sunlight.

In terms of treatment options available in Canada now, Colleen, we took your question to our go-to dermatologist. Here’s her top suggestion.


For more info on Thermage, click here. For prevention, be sure to use a moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 30 on your neck area every day.

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