I’ll take a leg wax!

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I’ll take a leg wax!

Fuzz Wax Bar 701 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E6 (647) 748-FUZZ (3899)

Reviewed by Jessica Wortsman

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Winter weather, especially the brutal kind we’ve been experiencing lately, sends us undercover. We bury ourselves beneath layers of wool socks and sweaters, furry hats and intricately wound scarves.  This seasonal shrouding often results in a lackadaisical attitude toward our standard personal grooming routine. It’s the only time of year we eschew the daily shave (be it leg, bikini or otherwise), knowing that our furry bits will be hidden from public viewing. Personally, I find the respite quite a relief!

So while I was enjoying my break from regular shaving duties, it was brought to my attention that perhaps I’d been a little too lax with my grooming schedule. There’s nothing like your 3 year-old comparing your leg to daddy’s to send you running for your razor again.

Though I wax my other bits, I’ve always shaved my lower legs.  Waiting for the needed regrowth during the summer months was always too hard to bear. Having recently heard the buzz about Fuzz Wax Bar though, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take my gams for their first wax.

Their story: Fuzz Wax Bar opened last year as Toronto’s first wax bar. The philosophy behind their single-minded service is “do one thing and do it well”. After years of frustrating service and outrageous pricing from their own experience as regular waxees, Fuzz owners Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven decided to open their own shop with the promise of fast, flawless waxing at an affordable price.

Knowing that waxing works best when done regularly throughout the year, Jessica and Florence implemented a unique membership plan to keep their clients coming back for routine de-fuzzing. With three levels of membership available – Fuzz Fan, Fuzz Faithful, and Fuzz Fanatic – clients are able to benefit from major discounts and free services with their monthly fee. We’re talking serious savings here and so many perks. In fact, as a Fuzz Fanatic, you can wax any three body parts for just $55/month! That is a fuzz-tastic good deal.

My experience: I was greeted immediately upon entering this clean and modern wax bar. The décor was inviting, cheerful and simple. Hard to ignore, was the carefully curated retail corner chock full of awesomely named products like Numb Nuts and I Love My Muff.

Within minutes, my waxer Brittany, came to collect me. She brought me to a nice little room, clean and modern like the waiting area, and left me strip down.  I quickly examined my surroundings while fumbling with my wooly socks.  Clean bed with fresh paper? Check. Clean wax trolley with no leftover drips, sticks or random hairs? Check. Clean floor (as in, not having to hear that tearing-paper sound as your wax-riddled shoes pull away from the floor with each step for the rest of the day)?  Check. Oh, and good music playing, to boot.

So, in walks Brittany, who takes one look at my dry and bristled shins and suggests that I begin exfoliating a couple of times a week with a Dead Sea salt scrub. As she begins waxing me, she enthusiastically informs me about the types of wax they use (soft and hard), the different stages of hair growth (3), and the benefits of waxing regularly all year (many). The easy conversation distracts me from the torture being inflicted on my lower limbs. Ankle bone? OMFG! But the pain is over in minutes and my legs are left smooth and soft. Definitely not Daddy’s legs anymore.

The call: Clean, stylish, friendly, and affordable – Fuzz Wax Bar is a dream come true for the hirsute. The ladies of Fuzz are incredibly passionate about the wonders of waxing (while I used to skip school to smoke in the park, my waxer Brittany, used to skip school to wax her friends) and they boast an impressive membership count of both women and men. The “mankini” and “manzilian” are more popular than you’d think. So while my razor and I part ways for the winter, I may have actually been convinced to persevere with the monthly winter leg wax, for the promise of fewer and finer hairs come summer.

Need more convincing? In this video, Jessica and Florence Gaven give you three reasons why you should sign up now.

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