For your Valentine

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For your Valentine

Left to right: Me to We card ($5), Starbucks gift card ($20), Me to We unisex leather bracelet ($30), Kellett Skincare Moisturizng Gel ($95).

Reader Erin asks, “For Valentine’s Day I want to give my husband something practical and sweet. He has enough watches, engraved things, and shaving kits. And I want to include something for his dry alligator-like face because this winter has been hard on his skin. He’s been stealing my expensive moisturizer and I want it to stop. Budget is $150 tops! Any suggestions?”

Hi Erin,

I approach gift-giving with the “Triple P” treatment: Personal, Practical, and Philanthropic. I usually find that giving a bundle of small thoughtful items works best to convey this theme. The “Triple P” etiquette can be applied to any holiday and budget. For your specific parameters, let’s start with the personal.

Skincare can be a tricky thing to give since it so individual. Nothing can be more awkward than getting a sarcastic “um thanks” from somebody you just gave a 5-piece acne-clarifying kit to! But since this is for your hubby I assume you’re past that stage, amiright? So I suggest giving him one of my personal failsafe favorites, the Moisturizing Gel which is formulated by our resident dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. It’s a hydrating gel that’s packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that help keep acne breakouts and fine lines at bay. He can use it anytime and there’s nothing frou frou about the silver pump bottle. The formula works well for both sexes, but men seem to really like it because it spreads easily and feels soothing on skin, especially after shaving.


Next, toss in some practicality with a gift card to a place that he frequents. Starbucks works for almost everyone (who doesn’t like coffee or tea?!), and their cards come with the most perks of any coffee place in North America. If he registers the gift card online he can get free coffees on his birthday (for Canadians it’s That’s one gift that keeps on giving.


Anything from Me to We will take care of the philanthropic part. Me to We is a trailblazing international charity that funds and socially supports underprivileged youth in developing countries. The very people they help sustainably make every item on their site.  I think the dark brown “Tatu Three Wrap” leather bracelet with red beads, made by a Kenyan mother, would look very fetch on a man’s wrist.


I hope these suggestions help!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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