Fitness Model: Tiffani Bachus

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Fitness Model: Tiffani Bachus

Her face-savers (L to R): M2 Serum, Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer, Latisse eye lash growth serum, Kellett Intensive Radiance Eye Treatment, Hempz Touch of Summer Body Lotion, and MD Solar Sciences Sunscreen SPF 30. Not shown, but loved: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel exfoliating pads extra-strength. “I use the individual 2-step towelette after my workouts. It’s my on-the-go face cleaner,” says 40-year-old Bachus, an Arizona-based registered dietitian, personal trainer, fitness model, and kitchen whiz!

In fact, I owe my penchant for healthy cooking to Mrs. Bachus: She has taught me how to make salmon kebabs, quinoa jambalaya, and protein popsicles – all in 20 minutes, flat. Our relationship? I was her editor at the fitness magazine I used to work at, and she had a monthly nutrition column called Easy Does It, which always ended with a scrumptious waistline-friendly recipe. I always looked forward to our brainstorming phone chats with Tiffani, so when she flew in from her hometown of Scottsdale, AZ for a cover photo shoot (where she did back flips) two Springs ago, I knew I was in for a treat.

Over sushi and tofu steaks at Ki in downtown Toronto, I got to know more about this mother-of-three with phenomenal abs (which she owes to boxing) and flawless skin (monthly peels).

Here’s The Skiny on Tiffani.

Fitness resolutions. What’s your take on them? People need to start with a happy slate. Right where you are right now, feel good. Don’t wait until you lose weight, fit into a certain dress size or have the perfect skin to be happy. Make a mental shift that you’re going to take care of yourself, now and forever.

Like fitness, people tend to look for quick fixes when it comes to skincare. Do you believe in sticking to skincare routines? Staying consistent with a plan is the key to reaping the results you want, in every aspect of life. Realize though, that the beginnings are sometimes not ideal. For example, I started to do regular chemical peels about 10 years ago. At first I had so much congestion and layers of dead skin I would peel for days afterwards. But now I get a chemical peel religiously every 6 to 8 weeks. I have very little peeling now. I found going this frequently works really well for my skin, keeping it looking refreshed.

Skin Type? Normal to oily/acne-prone

Your most recent What The Yuck?! skin moment? I’ve noticed that my pores are getting larger. I never thought much about it in the past, but now that’s all I see when I look in the mirror.

Your 3 can’t-live-without skincare products? 

  • Cor soap What I love about this soap is it removes make-up, evens out skin tone, and maintains the skin’s natural moisture. I use it every morning and night.
  • M2 serum I love how it smooths the skin, tightens pores and softens lines and wrinkles. I use it after washing my face with Cor before bed.
  • MD Solar Sciences SPF 30 It’s by far my favorite sunscreen because it’s perfect for acne prone skin, as it’s lightweight, sheer, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and very water resistant. I use the tinted version as it acts as a foundation for everyday use.

Any new favorites? The Kellett Skincare eye cream from their anti-aging line is great! It is so creamy, smooth and hydrating. I noticed right away the reduction of puffiness when I wake up in the morning.

If you could trade dermatologists with any celebrity, who would it be? Jennifer Lopez. She has the most radiant, glowing, beautiful skin. I would love to have her dermatologist’s number!

As a skin-savvy dietician, what are your favorite 3 foods for promoting beautiful skin? Sweet potatoes, salmon, and kiwi. The latter is high in vitamin C, which helps protect against UV rays as well as play a role in keeping skin firm via collagen synthesis. Sweet spuds are packed with high concentrations of beta-carotene and lycopene to boost your skin’s antioxidant levels and protect you against UV radiation. And salmon is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids – these healthy fats help maintain the fluidity of your cell membrane structure, allowing your skin to look plumb, smooth and youthful. Omega-3 also decreases inflammation, prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Most overused word? “Ageless.” The truth is we do age, it’s how well do we age, how well do you take care of your skin and body and can you “age gracefully.”

Visit Tiffani’s wellness site U Rock Girl.



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