Favorite Sunscreen 2012

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Favorite Sunscreen 2012

 Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41, $30

The pic above is of my second not-so-gently-used tube this year. My acne-prone best friend recommended this to me; She bought hers from a dermatologists’ office a few years back when she was experiencing angry breakouts.

Last year I resolved to wear sunscreen EVERY day. Otherwise you’ll be left with hyperpigmentation that is notoriously difficult to treat. The left side of my face is marred with sunspots from years of direct sunlight hitting it while driving to work.

I’m working on treating my sunspots with lasers this year (it’s not fun nor cheap). Like most people I only wore sunscreen in the summer, when at the beach, pool, or on vacation. I was never a big tanning bed fanatic, but I did go once or twice a year before a big event like a wedding to avoid looking look like Casper. Negleting sunscreen is one of my biggest skin care regrets of my twenties – believe me when I say, you need to wear sunscreen year round. And this is one that I’ve heard works for a lot of people. Many beauty experts (I’m talking about real experts like derms and medical estheticians from Canada and the U.S.) praise this line for their sunscreens.

What it is: A chemical-free, oil-free sunscreen for all skin types – gentle enough for for the most sensitive skin. Water-resistant. Enriched with vitamin A and resveratrol. Provides excellent UVA and UVB protection with 9% Zinc + Titanium Dioxide 7%. It is tinted, absorbs quickly and can be used on the face, either alone or under makeup. Non-comedogenic, contains no parabens and fragrance (yay). This sunscreen is recommended by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), specialists in toxic chemical research.

Why I love it: Where do I start? This product does everything it claims to do and yet it manages to go on silky smooth. No sunscreen smell; does not pill or leaves a greyish cast, like most sunscreens. It feels, actually, luxurious – rare for a sunscreen! The tint blends effortlessly into skin. See…

Where to buy it: At medical spas across Canada; Or here.

Just because it’s winter, you should still be using sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30. The colder seasons mean the ozone layer is thinning out. So, there is less ozone in our atmosphere to absorb the sun’s UV radiation. Even though it feels colder outside, there’s actually more of the sun’s harmful rays hitting the earth’s surface and your skin.


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