Brows for Bros

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Brows for Bros

Eyebrow maintenance doesn’t have to turn into a comedic episode. We spoke to Daniel Francoeur of Bodé, a male-only grooming spa in downtown Toronto, for brow advice for bros.

How bushy is too bushy?

We sort of say, if we see your eye brows before we see you then we need to trim them back a little. For some it’s just a little trim and for others we also need to clean up the shape a little as well.

How much should men take off?

It depends on each individual and several factors. Do they have thick hair on their head? Do they have any facial hair? If so, this will allow for a little more eyebrow hair than someone who is clean shaven or has a shaved head.

Waxing or threading, which method is better and more preferred by your male clients?

Most of the time waxing is the choice as it is quick, but for clients with very sensitive skin then I would suggest threading or sugaring which takes a bit longer. Even when we do wax, we are also tweezing, and using scissors and brow comb to achieve an excellent end result.

What if we have wimpy skin that gets angry after any kind of dermal attention? 

We use very specific facial wax due to the difference in the skin on the face versus skin on the body. After the wax and depending on how the skin looks we will either put on a cream for sensitive skin or even a mask to help with calming.

After care, what should we do and not do post-wax?

We tell our male clients to please not pluck nor shave (shape) the brows. After a week or so, just use scissors to keep away the crazy strays.

Which male celebrities have good brows?

Robert Pattinson, David Beckham, and John Hamm.


Thanks Daniel, sign us up. Bodé is located at 91 Scollard Street in Yorkville.


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