Exomega cream

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Exomega cream

Exomega Emollient Cream,  $28 (200 ml) at Shoppers Drug Mart

What it is: A creamy moisturizer formulated for the needs of people with hypersensitive skin. Manufactured by A-Derma, a dermo-cosmetic brand that uses a natural, plant-based active ingredient that soothes irritated and damaged skin while protecting fragile skin. The star ingredient is Rhealba Oat Plantlets, which is rich in flavonoids, molecules that reduce inflammation, and saponins, an ingredient that regulates immune disorders such as atopic dermatitis (eczema). The Exomega line is devoid of parabens and fragrance.

A winter saviour? A company trial done on 178 Canadians found that application of Exomega Cream twice daily for 6 weeks helped soothe irritations and provide long-lasting moisture.

What our tester thought: “I am quite pleased with this. I have been using it on the parts of my face that tend to get the most eczema, I’m happy to say that I have been almost eczema-free for at least a month – and that’s in the middle of winter! Having said that, I’ve also started making spinach smoothies on a regular basis, and I have a hunch that they are helping. So it’s hard to know what is doing what, but the way I see it is this: I’ve had enough products make my eczema worse over the years that I’m comfortable saying that Exomega does not seem to do that, at least for me.” – Jennifer Sygo, MSc, RD. 

Sygo is a Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist at Cleveland Clinic Canada. She also writes a nutrition column for the National Post. The spinach shake recipe she’s been gulping down is the Glowing Green Smoothie we posted awhile back here.

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