Seeking shade

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Seeking shade

I recently returned from an Eastern Caribbean cruise where I got to test drive my latest sun hat: the ETSIS Travel Escape Ribbon Crusher Hat in Chocolate Brown, $58 online here.

If you’re going away this March break to a sunny destination, protect yourself from sun damage in style with this hat. During my weeklong trip, I got tons of compliments on it from sophisticated women from all around the world. What many of these women were most intrigued about were the snap-on side panels that provide ultimate face coverage. This is an exclusive feature of company’s signature hats. Made in Hawaii, ETSIS hats are known for their high quality materials, which are constructed with UPF 50+ fabrics. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) shows how well a fabric protects your skin from solar UV, and UPF 50+ is the highest rating. UPF 50+ fabrics are tested by the Australian Radiation Protection Agency to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultroviolet rays. Each hat comes with a lightweight hat bag for storage and travel. I felt a bit high maintenance at the airport with the bag, but also 100x more glamorous too.

Last week, I introduced you to Devra Wathen, the gorgeous founder of this company; read the post here. And back in September, I told you about my budding obsession with sun hats and showed you my first ETSIS hat in white with black panels; the the older post is here. I wore that hat every weekend at the cottage and even brought it with me to my derm’s clinic whenever I got laser resurfacing done. Protecting your face from the sun is critical after treatments. My ETSIS hat served as a chic cover up for escaping the derm’s office incognito.

I loved my first hat so much that I ordered a second one for my vacation, in brown, along with a few extra panels in brown, white, and a retro orange strip pattern. I found that the hat looked the most glamorous when worn with the same coloured panels. It was easier to match all the outfit changes you do whilst on vacay: sundress to bikini, bikini to coverup, etc. Here I am on the left wearing the hat sans panels, and on the right with the panels. The bug-eyed sunglasses are by Oakley and my makeup is by Blistex…SPF 30!

The panels with the retro stripes were my least favourite. I found that the pattern was a bit too loud for me, and it looked too bandaged-like. Here I am, trying to my hardest be serious-sexy with it on. I think the statue wins…

I wish we had a company like ETSIS in Toronto, but to my knowledge, we don’t (correct me if you know of one). So in the meantime, check out the ETSIS hats website. And keep me posted if you decide to buy one! They are wear-forever hats.

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