Exclusive Erin O’Hearn Interview

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Exclusive Erin O’Hearn Interview

Being comfortable in your own skin with Erin O’Hearn: Interview

Knowing your value, blocking out the hate, and getting your bag.

Written by Carlyn

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW AND VIDEO: They say confidence comes from within, and includes a feeling of immense certainty that you can do anything you put your mind to. To me, Erin O’Hearn has an infectious confidence that cannot be ignored. With 160K followers on Ig, a booming body jewelry business, and a strong handle on OnlyFans, she’s taking over. I think it’s safe to say I have an official new girl crush.

Erin and I ~*virtually*~ met up to chat about everything from body confidence to skincare and selfcare, to the Kardashians and beauty standards, and finally, to the hot topic of OnlyFans.

Since initially dm-ing with Erin, I was always amazed by her dominating online presence and business-savvy mindset. I was lucky to be able to pick her brain via Zoom—check out some of our convo highlights below.

C: Erin, I’ve seen your pics on insta. You have absolutely GLOWING skin. Can you share some skin secrets? Do you have a holy grail product or a specific skincare routine for your face and body?
E: Thanks! I appreciate that—tbh I don’t always feel like my skin looks good lol.  I usually do a pretty basic skincare routine. I use Dr. Jart products, and then I like to use one of those rubber exfoliant things to get all my makeup off in the shower. I also like to exfoliate my body with a more intense scrub twice a week.

C: As I said before, I can tell you’re very confident in your skin which is so special. I feel like confidence is so much easier said than done—was there a moment that changed it for you? Did you always have this level of confidence?
E: That’s a good question—I think it started to change for me when I moved away to Australia for a year and a half. When I moved there, I got to start fresh and be my authentic self. I literally stopped drinking alcohol and stopped eating meat there. I had also just gone through a breakup. I started going to the gym too! I learned to start taking better care of myself.  Everyone was doing the whole influencer, fitness, blogging, thing in Australia. I was inspired so I started taking photos and just didn’t care about what anyone thought of me. I really just went for it. I got to a point where I had a consistent gym routine and eating schedule, and I think this is when I started feeling healthier from within. When I started putting content out there, people reacted well to it which also gave me the confidence to keep trying to do better and better for myself. It’s hard to feel confident when you aren’t taking care of yourself and feel like sh!t.

C: The no-drinking is huge. I personally get really bad “drinking downs” after I drink. I feel like complete sh!t the day after.
E: Exactly, it gives you anxiety. No judgement—I just don’t think it works for me and my skin doesn’t react well to it either. It feels soo dry and I would breakout the next day.

C: Do you still not drink?
E: No, I don’t—I haven’t in like 3 years.


C: What is the secret to confidence?
E: Definitely grasping the fact that not everyone is going to like you. Some people just won’t like you, or even make an effort to understand your personality. You can’t let hate, judgement, or opinions of other people make up how you feel about yourself. Always know your value and what you bring to the table.  I do think it’s important to listen and respond to feedback and criticism though. But there are just haters in the world. You can’t focus on what others think. Own it—know that you’re valuable.

C: Did you ever get any skincare advice from a parent or family member, like your mom or grandma?
E: My grandma knew a lot about skincare. She was always telling me to keep it simple. She said to always wash my face with cold water and use a water-based moisturizer. She used to use Nivea (I think) and she had really good skin. Even in her 80s. So, whenever I’m doing too much and feel myself getting carried away with products, I have to think about her advice and stop myself. Keep it simple!

C: Does your grandma wear sunscreen?
E: She must have. She had no sunspots and she had very even-toned skin.

C: That’s good. People really don’t understand how important sunscreen is.
E: I know. I started getting into it in the past two years—probably from you to be honest—you always post those skincare tips. I knew I really had to start incorporating sunscreen into my daily—not just when I’m on a trip—routine.

C: Okay, my next question is about beauty standards. Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of the Kardashians, I watch Keeping Up because it’s entertaining and I love to see their outfits. Do you think they portray an unrealistic and maybe dangerous beauty standard for women?
E: I think it’s a mix. I do believe it’s out of hand. I think the filler, plastic surgery and the editing is not okay. Especially for young girls who grow up thinking ‘OK I need to get a BBL. How do I get the money to get it done?’ and that’s scary. You think you don’t even have a chance at that life if you don’t look like that. It is sad to see, especially if you’re in such a vulnerable age group. However now, I think both of us are at an age where we don’t compare ourselves as much. We’re able to accept how we look and know that we are still valuable, even if we don’t look like that. But yes, it is dangerous to not admit when you’ve had something done. Like claiming that you only workout and eat healthy to achieve your body when there’s also a lot of plastic surgery involved.  But on the other hand, I also think, do you owe it to people to be honest, or are you able to just do what you want to do? Should they be telling everyone every single thing that they’ve had done, or will that just get them more hate? I don’t know the answer but there could be two sides.

C: To an extent, you have to be honest. And more so if you’re in a position of influence like they are. You can’t be saying you got this insane body from working out and eating healthy, because that’s not true, you also got lipo and a BBL. And social media doesn’t help either.
E: No, it doesn’t. It’s at your fingertips to see the craziest edited photos with face tune and stuff. It’s hard to not compare yourself.

C: I want to talk about the business side of things for you. I know you used to do OnlyFans, what a lucrative space. Do you still use this platform?
E: Yes, I do. I can’t have it in my Instagram bio anymore because they are so strict now. They take down any story or post where OnlyFans is mentioned too. I was shadow banned for like a year so you couldn’t even find me if you typed my name in. You had to actually type in my full username, not spelling anything incorrectly and I would be way down at the bottom. So, I took it out of my bio and put my Twitter link there instead because they have much fewer rules and guidelines about it.

C: Interesting. For people who don’t know, can you explain a bit about how OnlyFans works? I know that your monthly fee is $10, and you have thousands of subscribers—and an OF-funded Benz G-Wagon parked out front! How often do you post content, and what is the format like?
E: Haha, Yes! I like it a lot. So, it’s a platform sort of similar to Facebook. You have a feed, a wall post-type of thing, you can go live on it, and message people privately. I try to post around once a day on my main feed, as well as spend a few hours a day chatting with people. It’s essentially like a monthly subscription to get to know people that you might not have the chance to interact with. It’s very exclusive content, and you pay whatever they set their price to. Once you subscribe to someone, you’re able to converse with them, exchange photos, talk, comment on their pics. It’s a more personal relationship.

C: And what about their new policies and restrictions? I know that’s been quite a hot topic recently.
E: There were rumors and buzz that they were going to be limiting the amount of explicit content on the site. They were trying to make it more PG and re-direct to more of a celebrity-fan relationship. I think they also want to kick out smaller creators. They make a lot of their money from explicit content though, of course.  The reason behind that was because the banks weren’t supporting the payment process on OnlyFans. There were legal issues with porn websites, around inappropriate age groups and stuff being posted and left on these sites. So, the bank stopped supporting those websites, such as OF, because of sus activity. I also heard of people using OnlyFans to meet up with people which is super illegal. It wasn’t being used correctly and so the banks backed out for a period of time.

BUT we actually just got an email saying that everything is fine now, and they take it all back! So, we can continue as normal now.

C: OnlyFans is a groundbreaking platform and space, in my opinion.
E: Yea, I really like it. I love creating content and I don’t love how the rules are on Instagram. They’re pretty weird.

C: Have you ever had stuff taken down from Instagram?
E: Yes. But it tends to be random stuff. The posts that I think I’m pushing the guidelines on don’t get taken down, but a post that has a silhouette of the side of my body for example will get taken down. Stuff also gets taken down if enough people report it.

C: Do you get reported often?
E: Haha, oh yea.

Erin-OHearn-OnlyFans 4

C: Do you ever get hate in your DMs?
E: Yep, on TikTok a lot more though. People are more savage on there. I don’t get that much hate on Instagram, it’s mostly nice. But the odd person will just be a hater.

C: What are you looking forward to in the future? I know you just launched a jewelry company that specializes in nipple rings. How is that going?
E: It’s going so well! I’ve really been enjoying the process. I started it because I kept getting asked where I get my jewelry from and I finally was like you know what, I need to get in on this! I kept telling people to get them elsewhere. I started with 4 products and now I’m looking to explore the path less taken—so not basic jewelry like rings, necklaces, bracelets, but more like body jewelry, such as waist chains, cool anklets and nipple pieces. I’m working on that now. I’ve been going back and forth with my production team to make some more body jewelry.

C: I love the angel wing nipple ring and the heart with the arrow through it. The designs are super unique. Do you design them? What’s that process like?
E: Yea I did! I went on the Internet one day in quarantine and searched for Toronto jewelry makers. I found this girl named Erin who has a business on King Street. She has a jewelry shop and makes fine gold jewelry that I fell in love with. A lot of little chains, and really good quality stuff. I reached out to her with a couple photos and asked if she could incorporate elements of multiple designs into one and she was able to. She would send me back an example and we would go back and forth until we were both happy. She put the designs into a software and made molds then I approved the measurements. She had never made nipple rings before, so she didn’t know how long they were supposed to be and stuff so I helped her out with that. It took a while, and then she sent me samples. We changed a few things and are still working on it now.

I LOVED chatting with Erin and am looking forward to our coffee dates in the future.

For the interview with Erin O’Hearn check out the vid below <3

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