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Moles, skin tags, and brown spots, oh my! Never fear, electrodessication is here!

Sun damage, rubbing skin, or cuts – whatever the cause, it’s inevitable that you will end up with some imperfections on your skin throughout your life. With today’s technology, dermatologists are able to remove or lessen these blemishes, and the techniques and tools they use are pretty cool. Today, I want to introduce you to Electrodessication.

What is Electrodessication?

A fantastic tool that expert dermatologists use to help you heal faster and cleaner.

A little needle shaped electrode is manipulated by a dermatologist, which heats the skin in pinpoint precision to close blood vessels, stop bleeding and cauterize the wound. There is little-to-no downtime depending on the specific treatment.


What do you use Electrodessication for?

It can be used to remove skin tags, brown spots, moles, and other skin concerns.

I had a bumpy scar removed on my leg, and Dr. Lisa Kellett used electrodessication to cauterize the wound so that it could heal faster and cleaner.

Similarly, Helen had a mole removed from her lip, which you can see here.

Why is Electrodessication awesome?

With the needle-like tip it is extremely precise. Small procedures can heal faster and cleaner, with little-or-no bleeding. It can speed up healing time, lessen scaring and chance of hyperpigmination.

Want to see it in action? Watch this video of bumpy scar tissue being removed. Once healed the results should be a flatter, smoother scar that doesn’t look like a wart!

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