Easing Hand Eczema

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Easing Hand Eczema

Managing eczema (atopic dermatitis) flare-ups on the hands is all about prevention. If you work with harsh chemicals or do heavy-duty work with your hands, you can prevent hands from getting dry and cracked with the following tips from The National Eczema Association:

  • If your hands get wet, use cotton glove liners and neoprene or vinyl gloves. Wash gloves frequently.
  • If your hands remain dry, wear fabric or leather work gloves.
  • Avoid industrial hand cleansers that may contain harsh, irritating ingredients.
  • Bring to work a bottle of gentle hand cleanser, as well as moisturizer and any skin medication.
  • Make sure all work surfaces, tools, protective gear and clothing are clean.
  • Promptly care for any minor wounds on your hands.

2 thoughts on “Easing Hand Eczema

  1. The suggestions above are great but not practical for someone like myself who works in healthcare. We are required to wear gloves all the time except for our breaks. We are also required to practice hand hygiene whenever we remove gloves which means constant hand washing. We have to use the soap provided by our workplace as well as the hand sanitizer. My eczema is a constant and is incredibly hard to treat giving these circumstances. Any suggestions.

    • Hi Pat, ooo yeah that’s a tough one. I would recommend consulting with a dermatologist. Gloves and washing hands too frequently do have terrible effects on the skin.

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