7 Ways to Fight Dry Skin

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7 Ways to Fight Dry Skin

Cold weather can cause your skin to look dull and listless. Get your glow back with these dermatologist-approved tips.

1. Take cooler, swifter showers 

This one is tough in the wintertime when you wake up, freezing, and all you want to do is have a hot shower. But the problem is the hotter the water, the more drying it will be on your skin. Instead of having a long, consistently hot session, try this: Steam up the bathroom shower for just one minute with hot water, then lower the temp and keep your shower time under ten minutes.

2. Basic soap and hands

Unless you’re a construction worker, there’s no need to attack your hands and body with dehydrating antibacterial body wash and a loofah. A mild soap is mild like Dove is all you need for an effective clean up job, and use your hands instead of a washcloth.

3. Moisturize ASAP

The best time to slather on lotion is right after you get out of the shower and towel off because this is when your pores are still open — before you even leave the bathroom! The lotion will absorb in one to two minutes, and then you’re free to get dressed. If you moisturize once a day in summer, moisturize twice a day in winter.

4. Bring out the humidifier  

Not just for babies, humidifiers help increase moisture in the room, which is what decreases in the wintertime  — naturally and by us turning up the the heating systems in our homes. This sucks all the remaining water out of the air, and skin gets very dry. TIP: Always fill humidifiers with cold water so bacteria can’t grow inside.

5. Avoid certain ingredients

If you have dry skin year round, you may want to cut down on scrubbing, toning, and anything that could be drying like alpha- and betahydroxy acids.

6. Eat salmon, twice a week

The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon replenish the lipids in the skin, which helps keep skin flexible and reduces moisture loss. Other research suggests that omega-3 fats may also help keep eyes healthy by protecting against dry eye syndrome.

7. Head to the derm’s office

Instantly restore a radiant glow with a professional “wet” microdermabrasion treatment such as the SilkPeel. The SilkPeel ($300) at DLK on Avenue works by simultaneously exfoliating dead skin cells while infusing the skin with hydrating serums.



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