Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!

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Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!

By Jessica Wortsman

You brush your hair, you brush your teeth, and now you should start brushing your skin. Dry brushing, a technique in which you brush your dry skin with a soft, natural bristle brush, has long been popular at most spas but has more recently become a DIY phenomenon.

This ancient therapeutic practice whose roots can be traced to Scandinavia, Japan, Russia and Greece has been said to have many benefits beyond the obvious, exfoliation of dead skin cells. Dry brushing enthusiasts swear that this total body scrub down also stimulates blood circulation, helps drain the lymphatic system, enhances toxin elimination and smoothes cellulite. (Note: there is no scientific evidence to support these claims so take the health claims for dry brushing with a big grain of salt.) As a dry brushing devotee myself, I can vouch for the positive impact a daily scrub can have but if you want to know the truth, I do it mostly because it feels so good. Imagine the sensation of running a brush along your scalp. Now apply that same feeling to your entire body. I told you, gooooood.

How to do it

  1. Your skin should be completely dry when you begin brushing.
  2. Always brush, using long strokes, towards the heart.
  3. Begin at your feet and work your way up the body. Then work from your hands up towards your shoulders.
  4. Brush gently on sensitive areas or areas with thinner skin.
  5. Afterwards, your skin should look glowing, not inflamed. Be gentle and always use a soft, natural bristled brush.


You can buy a natural bristle brush at most health food stores (e.g. Noah’s Natural Foods, The Big Carrot). Price is $10-$30 depending on size and quality.



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