Dandruff and Damaged Hair

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Dandruff and Damaged Hair

Winter is in the air! Isn’t it lovely? All that beautiful snow falling and covering our shoulders… I mean, wait a sec – white flakes all over your shoulder? That’s sadly not snow, it’s dandruff. Sigh. If you’ve ever dealt with dandruff you know what a pain it is. You know that wearing black is a nightmare, and going a day without washing your hair is a dream. You also probably have a really chic collection of hats or head scarves. Am I right?

Or maybe all the dryness of the crisp winter air is leaving your locks feeling a little brittle and blah. Fret not, we are here to help the winter woes and make your locks lavish again. Read on for our expert tips.

If we looked this good scratching our head we’d keep the dandruff! LOL!

What is dandruff you ask? Well it is a chronic condition caused by the buildup of yeast around the base of your hair follicles. The fungus feeds off the skins natural oils causing symptoms like dryness, itching and flakes. Sexy right? Don’t worry it is possible to manage the symptoms with a few simple steps.

Firstly, you MUST use a medicated shampoo. Enter zinc pyrithione, your new best friend. Zinc has antibacterial properties that help to reduce the flaking. Also, reduce the urge to use a medicated shampoo, and follow with a second wash with your volumising or colour protecting, beauty shampoo.

“Unilever has done studies on this, and they found that when people use dandruff shampoo, specifically ones with zinc pyrithione, and they use a beauty conditioner afterwards they can rinse away up to 50 percent of the flake-fighting effects of the medicated shampoo,” says Francesca Fusco, M.D., a medical and cosmetic dermatologist in New York.


My personal favourite is AG Control it’s one that certainly does “double duty,” because it reduces flakes but smells amazing and makes my hair feel lush after. To quickly summarise it’s super-power ingredients:

  • Zinc pyrithione – a mild and effective anti-dandruff treatment that helps banish dry, itchy scalp. We use 2%, the most allowable without a prescription.
  • Aloe vera – reduces redness, scaling, itching and inflammation of the scalp.
  • Cucumber Extract – contains beta-carotene and vitamins A and C, which soothe and moisturize while helping to reduce inflammation and dry itchy scalp.
  • Coconut-derived surfactants – gentle for all hair types and colour safe.
  • Vitamin E – helps to heal the scalp.
  • Silk and keratin proteins – add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.
  • Salt-free – most shampoos use salt as a thickener, which dries out your hair. AG’s shampoos have no salt, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and hydrated.

This isn’t even a sponsored post! My hair dresser Denise Swing at Crown of Jewels Salon introduced me and now I’m OBSESSED!


Second, you need to remember your vitamins. Vitamines A & C, these help boost the immune system which helps to fight the yeast buildup. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps soothe the skin. If you can find a product that has these you’re golden, which is why I love AG control.

Also eat your vitamins! Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits and red peppers. Vitamin A can be found in sweet potato, dark leafy greens and carrots. Almonds and avocados are great sources of vitamin E. Do I sense an anti-dandruff smoothie or salad recipe? Okay, maybe there are somethings we should leave to wellness bloggers…

Lastly, consider a treatment. My stylist, and dermatologist, recommended washing every day, but that can make hair feel dry and brittle. So incorporating a treatment can help to repair those damaged locks. A product with Amino Acids, the building blocks of protein, are great for binding with moisture to repair damage. Using this in place of shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week is a great way to make sure you have luscious locks.


My personal favourite is Kevin Murphy Re.Store. My hair feels super nourised and shiny each time I use it. It’s also paraben and sulfate free which is a bonus.

The key ingredients listed below:

  • Papain: This powerful enzyme from Papaya unlocks and increases the potency of other ingredients to bind moisture and improve the hair’s elasticity.
  • Pineapple Fruit Extract: Protein enzyme in Pineapple penetrates the hair to provide targeted nutrition without weighing the hair down.
  • Green Pea Protein: A superfood rich in amino acids that intensely nourishes and replenishes the hair.


We hope this allows you to wear your LBD’s to holiday parties in style this winter!

What are your best tips for ridding dandruff?

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