Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

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Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

6 Important Tips for Selecting the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

If you’re considering a cosmetic surgery procedure – whether liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation, or another – choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is one of the first and most important decisions you need to make.

Check out these six tips to help you assess your options and make an informed choice:

1.     Examine the Credentials of Cosmetic Surgeons You’re Considering

Although Canadians have access to a range of cosmetic surgery procedures, the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons cautions that “not all practitioners are surgeons or plastic surgeons.” General physicians are allowed to perform cosmetic surgery treatments and call themselves “cosmetic surgeons.”

Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, are specially trained to perform cosmetic surgery procedures. They must complete at least five years of surgical training after receiving their medical degrees and pass a thorough examination administered by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. After passing this exam, they will be certified to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries.

Accreditations you should look for when selecting a cosmetic surgeon are:

You should also examine how experienced the cosmetic surgeon is, researching how long they’ve been performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Make sure the surgeon has hospital admitting privileges, which will ensure they can use a hospital facility if that’s required.

2.     Research Areas of Specialization for Cosmetic Surgeons on Your List

Some cosmetic surgeons focus on body shaping procedures like breast re-shaping or enlargement, liposuction, or tummy tucks, whereas others perform more facial procedures including eyelid and face lifts.

When contacting potential clinics, ask if the cosmetic surgeon specializes in face or body procedures. That will help you shrink your list of potential surgeons, isolating those who specialize in your particular area of interest.

3.     Assess Cosmetic Surgery Clinics’ Facilities

The cosmetic surgery clinic should be certified by the Out-of-Hospital Premises Inspection Program (OHPIP). The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario developed this program and has been administering it since 2010. OHPIP certification ensures that the clinic will operate using the same medical and safety standards as any hospital.

When you visit the clinic, assess how it operates:

  • Is the staff professional, helpful, and friendly?
  • Is the facility well maintained?
  • Does the clinic make you feel comfortable and welcome?

4.     Schedule Consultations at Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Arranging a consultation will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to choose the right cosmetic surgeon and clinic. Often, you’ll begin your consultation by having an in-depth discussion with a consultant.

You can expect to discuss:

  • Why you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery.
  • What outcomes you expect.
  • How much you know about the procedure.
  • If you have any financial concerns or considerations.

After the consultant meets with you and decides you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you’ll meet with the surgeon who will ultimately perform your surgery. When talking to your surgeon, pay attention to:

  • How intently they listen to you.
  • How carefully and patiently they answer your questions.
  • Whether or not they have good “beside manners.”
  • How comfortable and confident they make you feel.

Your consultation should provide you with confidence in your cosmetic surgeon, the office’s staff, and the facility.

5.     Consider the Results You Expect from Your Cosmetic Surgery

It’s important that you have a clear and realistic understanding of what you hope to achieve through cosmetic surgery. To get a sense of potential results, you should:

  • Review before and after images. These should be candid photos instead of “glamour shots.” Look for people with similar characteristics to you, as that will give you the best understanding of what results you can expect to see.
  • During your consultation, ask your cosmetic surgeon and consultant what can realistically be achieved, using that information to inform your decision.

Going into cosmetic surgery with full, realistic expectations will ensure your satisfaction with the final results.

6.     Do Not Make a Price-Based Decision

Having cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing decision. It’s not the same as purchasing an everyday consumer item, which is why it’s crucial you don’t simply choose the cosmetic surgery procedure with the lowest price tag.

Reputable clinics will offer similar price ranges for the same procedures. If a cosmetic surgery clinic gives you a price significantly lower than others that should be a red flag.

Make an Informed, Educated Decision

To feel confident in your cosmetic surgeon and clinic, make your choice after asking questions like these:

  • Is the cosmetic surgeon properly certified?
  • What types of procedures does the cosmetic surgeon specialize in?
  • What results have past patients been able to realize?
  • Is the clinic fully certified to ensure its patients safety?
  • Did the clinic’s staff make you feel welcomed and confident during your consultation?

Making an informed decision about your cosmetic surgery procedure is the best way to guarantee you’ll have a positive experience and be happy with the outcome.

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