My New Sun Hat

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My New Sun Hat

hat quoteI chuckled at this quote when it came up on my Instagram feed. Big sunhats have become a part of my Spring and Summer wardrobe ever since I started to take real care of my skin with pharmaceutical-grade skincare products and clinical treatments.

If you don’t shield your skin from the sun after a laser, peel, or even a simple microdermabrasion, you’re basically wasting your money. Your new sensitized skin will soak up the UVA/UVB rays that travel through clouds and even windows, and worsen what you just endured to improve: Sunspots will darken, dyschromia (blotchy uneven skin tones) will remain, and fine lines may deepen due to more collagen destruction.

Skin care is not the only reason I love sunhats. I think that a wide-brimmed hat is a simple way to completely transform your face. And almost everyone looks good in a black sunhat. But not all sun hats are created equal. For those interested in preserving the quality of their skin, it’s wise to pick a hat that has a UPF factor. UPF stands for Utraviolet Protection Factor and it’s basically like SPF for fabrics. Generally the darker and more tightly woven the fabric is, the higher the rating, with UPF 50+ being the optimal level you want in your sunhat (similar to a SPF 30 being the ideal rating you want in a sunscreen). UPF 50+ means that the hat will block out 98% of the UV radiation, or in other words it will only allow 1/50th of of UV radiation that hits the hat to pass through it.

One of my favourite sun-protective lines is Coolibar, so I was thrilled to receive one of their woven hats in black (my colour) for review. For only $40, this hat is an affordable way to boost your sun protection, in style. I’ve been wearing it for a month now what I like about it is that it’s light and bendable, simple in design, fits beautifully and works with most outfits.

If you’re looking for a versatile go-anywhere-with hat, I recommend this one. Here are the products details from their site:

We made our Packable Wide Brim Hat from revolutionary polyester “straw” that offers the look of natural fiber and the durability of iron. Roll it, fold it, crush it, stow it-this beach hat is virtually indestructible.Coolibar hat

  • Broad 4″ wide brim hat shades your face and neck
  • Internal sweatband for comfort and a snug fit
  • Full lining for maximum sun protection
  • Lightweight, breathable polyester knit
  • Spot clean
  • Circumference: 21 1/8″
  • Imported
  • Rated UPF 50+

For more information about UPF, visit the Coolibar page here.





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