Coca-Cola as Tanning Lotion?

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Coca-Cola as Tanning Lotion?

Global News asks Dr. Kellett if Coca-Cola should be used as a tanning lotion

We’ve read about some great hacks, everything from using bread clips to organize your cables and power cords to separating egg yolk with an empty water bottle, but when it comes to your health is a hack really where you want to get your advice?

Back in 2006 an Australian entertainer by the name of Peter Andre swore that soaking himself in Coca-Cola before suntanning helped enhance his tan.  That was almost 10 years ago, and we’ve come a long way since and we all know that any type of sun exposure is bad for your skin and overall health right?  Wrong.  Well at least the internet thinks so, as this trend is resurfacing again with such viral velocity that Coca-Cola recently issued the following statement on their website: “As much as we love Coca-Cola, we really wouldn’t recommend using it in this way. There is no sun protection factor in it at all – it’s a drink!”

Global News caught up with our favourite Dermatologist, and sun protection guru Dr. Lisa Kellett to discuss Andre’s claims and to provide her expert medical opinion on this trend. It’s no surprise that Dr. Kellett denounces the trend as dangerous and harmful and adds that if you it, you are doing more damage to your skin than you might think.

So Coke (or in my case Diet Coke) at a beach is great, as long as it’s ice-cold and being enjoyed as a drink but when it comes to your skin, be safe and sound and opt for an SPF.

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