Her Anti-Aging secret

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Her Anti-Aging secret

Cindy Crawford, age 46 and still drop dead gorgeous, recently told Allure magazine that she thinks hair color is the most underestimated factor in staying youthful looking. When asked “What’s the real anti-aging secret?” Crawford replied,

“Everyone loves to talk about plastic surgery and all that stuff, but hair color is the most underestimated thing. Hair color has kept more women looking younger than anything else. If you have good hair color, shiny hair, you can see that across a room. In Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck she writes about women being nostalgic for their young bodies. That’s how I feel about hair. I look at my daughter’s hair, and I’m like, ‘You have my old hair! I want it back!”

Our hair expert, Mickey Svircevic, agrees: “Healthy, shiny and thick hair is definitely one of the greatest signs of youth.” And maintaining a healthy head of coloured treated hair isn’t as difficult as one might assume, he says. According to him, “As we age our hair loses melanin, which produces colour, resulting the dreaded grays. It also thins out or becomes wiry as elasticity is compromised.” One of the first things that Mickey suggests is to eat a high protein diet that includes lean sources like chicken breasts, salmon, lean beef, eggs, and Greek yogurt. Proteins contain amino acids, which are the building blocks to healthy nails, skin, and hair.

Next, follow these to pre and post colouring tips!

PRE colour: Don’t wash your hair for 2-3 days prior to your hair colour appointment. The natural oils that build on the shaft will actually protect the hair from the harmful chemicals in peroxides and haircolour.  A treatment or porosity spray can be used for extra stubborn or dry hair 2-3 days prior as well.

POST colour: After care is just as important. Products formulated for colour treated hair are a must-buy. Non negotiable. Anything less may cause premature fading. Don’t over use mousses or gels, as these styling aids can encourage dryness and even breakage. Instead opt for styling products containing natural oils or a silk-based to help protect the hair. If you have intense colour like vibrant reds or other fashion shades that tend to fade quicker, try baby shampoo.

How often should you colour your hair? The general rule is every 6 weeks if more than 50% of your hair is grey. “If you have under 50% grey, you can get away with every 2 -3 months using a semi permanent colour, which will add lots of shine and it’s more gentle than permanent colour [better covering up lots of grey]. By taking proper care of your coloured hair, you’ll keep them all guessing, says Mickey.”

Mickey Svircevic is a master-level stylist at Mane Society in Thornhill.

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