Chemical Peels for Men

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Chemical Peels for Men

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of skin by removing its damaged outer layers. It is a non-invasive and economical approach to soften the look of acne scars and control acne. That’s what 34-year old Aaron Kohn of Thornhill, ON signed up for. Here, he tells us about his experience.

Q. What made you decide to try a series of chemical peels? And where did you go?

A. I wanted to calm my skin down, reduce my acne and acne flareups. I went to DLK on Avenue [Dr. Lisa Kellett’s private clinic in downtown Toronto] after seeing their ad in a magazine (it was dumb luck!). I got four treatments in total, done every two weeks. My skin was in pretty bad shape, so Dr Kellett thought a rather aggressive peel schedule would be best to correcting my skin problems.

Q. How does a chemical peel feels like?

A. It tingles – like very light pins and needles being pricked into the skin.

Q. Are you happy with the results and would you do it again?

A. I am happy with the results. Yes, I would do it again, but see no reason to, as since using her adult acne skin kit [Kellett Skincare] my skin has been fine.

For more info on peels offered at DLK on Avenue, visit their EPIDERMAL (CHEMICAL) PEEL TREATMENT INFORMATION page.

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