A Naughty-Named Cuticle Oil

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A Naughty-Named Cuticle Oil

Make Me Moist Cuticle Oil, $15 by Cheeky Monkey

Just saying the name makes me feel filthy, but I really dig this green formula! My cuticles grow like weeds and can get really raggedly looking after just a week of neglect. Manicurists have always told me to push them back with a cuticle stick after I shower, while they’re wet, so it’s less painful, and that I should invest in a good cuticle oil. I finally took their advice last spring while I was at The Green Living Show at the Ex in Toronto. I was on the hunt for some eco-friendly, organic sunscreen for a story I was working on when I spotted the Cheeky Monkey booth. They were doing free mini mani demos so I had to stop, natch.

I met Andrea Pahn (on left), the very outgoing, 40-year mother-of-three founder of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, a chemical-free nail polish line that has been around since 2009. She has an interesting story: she started out in marketing but ditched the corporate world to go to Paris to become a cordon-bleu trained chef. After working in the food industry for a few years, she found that she missed being a girly girl and decided to take a risk and start up her own polish line. She’s been a big fan of Chanel polishes so she went to Europe to buy the same base for use in her polishes. It took her a few years to hand-pick quality ingredients from abroad for her final formulation. While she is a big believer in marrying quality ingredients with sustainable and cruelty-free manufacturing practices, she also wanted to break the stereotype of green cosmetics being boring – hence she gave each polish a crass name. Her best sellers are an orangey-cherry red called “Pop My Cherry” and “Back Alley Sally”, a deep magenta. She’s currently working on two new colours at the moment to add to the line of 48 hues. One is a denim blue called “Ball Breaker” and the other is papaya-like orange called “Spank Me.” While the names certainly have shock value, she insists that her company is so much more. She donates 3% of certain colours to various charities that promote female empowerment; One she favours is S.W.I.G.G. = Strength Within Girls Group.

I love brands that have humble beginnings and a philanthropic outlook. So I bought the cuticle oil to support this Canadian company and have never looked back. I keep the bottle in my desk drawer at the office, and I’ve been religiously applying a coat of it onto my cuticles every morning while I check my email. It is still nearly full! Here are the three reasons why I love it:

1. It doesn’t smell like typical cuticle oils. It has a delicious melon-ginger scent.

2. It’s not overly oily and absorbs well.

3. It keeps my cuticles well hydrated, which makes them look cleaner-looking.

Buy it here. The name will make you blush but the quality is top-notch!

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