Young & Overdone

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Young & Overdone

Freelance writer Samantha Bloom breaks down the skin care secrets of female celebrities who have dream skin, and two under-30 starlets whose faces are used as cautionary tales in the cosmetic enhancement world.


Jennifer Lopez, 44

Have a good lurk at J-Lo and you might be thinking her bed mate 18 years her junior may be the key to that special “glow”.  But the triple threat assures us it’s all about bronzers and self-tanners to replace her aversion to the sun. She also heeds hot tips from makeup artist Scott Barnes who uses light to contour – the reverse of what most makeup artists do.  Jen gives an about face not with facials, peels or treatments, but plenty of moisturizer and cleansers from her dermatologist.

Jennifer Lopez, March 2013 / Getty images



JLo’s  heart-shaped face – full cheeks that taper toward her chin – is a hallmark of youth. Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g. Juvéderm, Restylane) can help achieve this look. Fillers, when done right, can also lift the face and minimize wrinkles under the eyes and around the lips.

Halle Berry, 47

With a body that just doesn’t quit and a face that has yet to crack, Halle denies plastic surgery rumours but has said she’d never say never, so suffice to say if she’s had work done, it’s been innocuous with natural results, unlike many of her competitive colleagues.  Berry has gone on record to say that the only high maintenance thing about her is her skincare regime, which she has maintained since age 14, “I’ve always cleansed, toned and moisturized twice a day, every day. I think it’s so important for ensuring an even complexion…I wear sun protection all year round – even in the middle of winter – and I really slather it on to make sure I’m protected.” Berry also says dieting and working out is a lifestyle; not a surprise given she’s had to manage Type 1 Diabetes her entire life.




Halle’s smooth, even-toned, small-pored skin can be achieved with long term use of a 1% retinol serum or prescription-grade Retin-A, if your skin can tolerate it.


Gwyneth Paltrow, 41

She may or may not be talking to Vanity Fair Magazine, but she’ll talk to anyone else if it’s about how she stays fresh-faced and fit.  Paltrow has gone on the record to promote her celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson, swear up and down in favour of Thermage over Botox (plus a cigarette a week), and dish on diet and lifestyle in her blog Goop that clucks all about detoxing and healthy recipes.

Gwyneth Paltrow 2013



Thermage results get better with time. This skin tightening technology using focused radio frequency produces progressive natural-looking lift and firmness that can last up to two years.


Jennifer Aniston, 44

“My body takes a lot of work”, says Aniston.  That labour includes two nose jobs and a rumoured $140,000-a-year beauty regimen, but only a friend will tell you she avoids fast food, takes polyphenol supplements, and is a hard-core devotee to yoga, running and Pilates. She claims her glowing face is thanks to petroleum jelly underneath her eyes and on lashes. Jen’s tried Botox but says injections no more – as they made her look “hard”.  She does, however, admit to being obsessed with what she calls “laser porn”.  She even joked with Conan O’Brien that after one particular treatment, her face continued to fall off for eight days.




Light energy lasers, such as IPL, reduce pore size and fade red and brown spots. Fractional lasers can take years off by ablating sunspots, wrinkles, and rough skin texture.


Megan Fox, 27

Dye jobs, pregnancy and weight fluctuations aside, the Transformer’s once fresh face is now both simultaneously angular and puffy, seemingly from an addiction to injectables.  Rumours circulate that the men’s mag fave has had $60,000 worth of cosmetic surgery that includes several nose jobs. True or not, the natural beauty that blossomed early in her career has been somewhat transformed into homogenized Hollywood.


Lindsay Lohan, 27

Up all night, penchant for drugs and alcohol and having run-ins with the law? You too, might look like the bedraggled Lohan should you be a train wreck in your twenties.  Lindsay’s excesses expand into the cosmetic choices she’s made to make up for years of rough living.  Unfortunately, however, oversized lips seem to accentuate the circles under her poor eyes. Lindsay-Lohan

Work with an experienced dermatologist who uses a conservative “baby steps” approach. Gradual cosmetic tweaks in your twenties will produce natural-looking results.

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