Celebrities: They’re just like us

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Celebrities: They’re just like us

No matter how rich or famous you are, everybody’s human – and we all make mistakes. Perhaps nothing says human error better than the universal feeling of tattoo regret.

Written by Kelsey McGillis

It’s one thing to regret a haircut, or a tacky makeup look, but quite another to have a permanent reminder of a past mistake. Whether it’s an ex’s name, an old BFF’s birthdate, or just a plain ugly design, lots of people experience tattoo regret.

Point in case from Tinseltown and the likes, here’s the skiny on some celebs with tattoo regret.

Known for her inked up arms, Demi Lovato has felt the pain of an unfortunate tat. She’s openly called her wrist tattoo of a friend’s lips, “a stupid decision”.

Demi Lovator Lips Tattoo

Megan Fox has been a style and beauty icon since she hit the Hollywood scene, but even she has things she’d change about herself. Namely, her tattoo of another famous beauty icon, Marilyn Monroe. Fox has been quoted as regretting her tattoo, not wanting to be associated with certain aspects of Monroe’s life.

Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

But it’s not only the leading ladies of Hollywood who face tattoo regrets, a number of men have had regrettable tattoos removed. Some, like Pharrell Williams, have gone as far as to undergo skin grafting to cover disliked tattoos.

Pharrell Williams Tattoo Removal

Lucky for all of us, skin grafts are ultra-rare in the world of tattoo removal. Getting rid of unwanted ink is actually a fairly simple process involving lasers. Our resident skincare expert, Dr. Lisa Kellett personally vouches for a treatment that uses a Pico Second laser. “It’s very effective and it removes the tattoo with a minimum [of] discomfort,” says Kellett “It’s a great treatment because the skin at the end is normal colour and texture.”

In between 3 and 9 twenty-minute laser treatments, patients will see significant improvement in their tattoos prominence. Additionally, pain is very minimal with the use of a topical anesthetic being used at most reputable clinics.

As with all procedures, a medical clinic should be the only place you go. With the right research, you’re sure to turn your tattoo nightmares into clear skin dreams. Celebrities are just like us, and like them you can experience the same quality of tattoo removal if you consult with the right doctor.

Here’s a video of the PICO at work

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