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Saving Face

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Anti-Aging Video Series, Part 1.

Youth U-Turn

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How to look ten years younger.

Going to the Dermatologist

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What you need to know.

Melanoma at 25

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Sarah Cisneros’ skin cancer story.


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“It happened to me.” Pam’s story.

May Trends

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Lighteners, moles, and DD creams.

6 Myths about Acne

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Plus superhero products we ♥

April Trends

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Recycling, Rosacea, and Botox.

Allergic to retinol?

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How to use them correctly

Facial acupuncture

The latest celebrity craze

Blotchy blob, be gone!

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How to get rid of Melasma.

Kim did it

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The Vampire Facial, really?

Get a younger neck

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Rid turkey neck without surgery.

Nose Job Nation

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Iranian women love rhinoplasty.

Goodbye Pits and Pocks!

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2 types of lasers for one goal.

The cold hard truth

Posted on March 1st, by Helen in Dermatological Advice, Expert Tips, Skincare, Treatments. 11 comments

Celluite creams and treatments.

How to get rid of scars

Posted on January 9th, by Helen in Dermatological Advice, Skincare. 4 comments

In life, scars happen, and they can become an unwanted yet permanent part of our appearance. Luckily, scar-reducing treatments are available. We’ve enlisted the help of two professionals to guide us through them.

Raised, thickened scars occur when the body’s healing process produces excess collagen. In other cases, scars appear as lighter or darker marks on the skin or, in the case of “box car” acne scars, sunken areas.

For new scars, timing is everything. “You used to wait a year before you started a laser treatment, but we know now that it’s better to heal compromised skin when it’s still in the healing phase,” says Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue, MD, FRCPC, DABD.

Your prescribed regimen may include more than one type of laser or treatment. “It can take more than one approach to reduce a scar or multiple scars’ appearance,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, MD, FRCPC, DABD, a dual-board certified dermatologist practicing in Ottawa and Austin, Texas. “Go to someone who is familiar with the different modalities, so he or she can determine the best treatments for you.”

Post-surgery scar-management therapy may include a topical silicone treatment to keep the area hydrated and protected, which reduces the
likelihood of raised or abnormal scarring.

Easy to use and inexpensive, … Read More »

Have a morning quickie

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3 steps in 5 minutes. Done!

Our advice to Kate

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The cold hard truth about stretch marks.

Eye Cream Face-Off

Posted on November 28th, by Helen in Blog, Products, Skincare, This vs That. 9 comments

We compared two anti-aging eye creams for one month.