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Bad skincare habits

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7 deadly s(k)ins

Belly Button Bacteria

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Your body’s dirty little secret

Coca-Cola as Tanning Lotion?

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Coca-Cola as a Tanning Lotion?

Superfood Salad for your Skin!

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If you are what you eat, eat pretty with this delicious salad.

Alkaline Diet for Anti-Aging

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Why celebs love the Alkaline Diet

Teeth Conundrums

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Yellowing with age?

Cosmetic Dentistry

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Game Changers of 2014

Vagina Health

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More than a yeast infection?

Gut and Skin

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A Naturopathic Doctor’s take

The Water Myth

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Dry skin and drinking water

Pushing Oil-Pulling

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Gargling grease good for teeth?

Smoker’s Skin

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How ciggs ruin your pretty.


Posted on December 11th, by staff in Health. 6 comments

The other needles worth trying.

7 (Free) Ways to Better Skin

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Science-proven lifestyle tips.

Joanne McLeod

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Still fit and fun!

Get More Shut-Eye

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Lack of sleep speeds up aging.

Plantar warts

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3 docs weigh in with solutions.

Open Wide!

Posted on May 22nd, by staff in Health. 13 comments

This may surprise you.

Practice optimism

Posted on April 26th, by staff in Health. 26 comments

How to harness more happiness.

Forty and Fabulous

Posted on April 23rd, by staff in Health. 5 comments

How to stay sexy and smart.